Thursday 15th April had some excitement afoot; my leg was making slow progress but I was conscious that I needed to try to get out more to places I have been struggling to visit for the last year because of my injury. If I was going to make it on a trip away any time soon I needed to get used to walking where it is unpredictable and more difficult than the places I know well. I just had an apple for breakfast because we were off out for lunch as well as meeting Tatas later at The Villas for holiday planning, once she got out of her Tu Lan 4 day tour. On the way downstairs I tried for the first time putting one foot in front of the other to go down each step and I managed it (twice) for the first time since my injury. Captain Caveman and I went by motorbike to East Hill for the BBQ chicken and sticky rice for the first time in over 1 year. We had ordered delivery from there but had not been to visit because of my bad leg and the steep uneven steps they have. I managed the steps up ok, with a bit of help from Captain Caveman and we had a whole chicken to ourselves which was so gorgeous and, as long as I could get back down the steps, we said we would visit again soon. I did need help with the way down, especially where the handrail disappears but I made it – I wouldn’t have made it in the dark though.

Afterwards we went back to the Glass House so that I could collect a few things and Captain Caveman could sort out the allocation of Son Doong tips then get his washing repacked for his next trip tomorrow. Our next stop was at The Villas to wait for Tatas before Captain Caveman went to his briefing at 6pm but by 5.30pm I’d not heard from her and she hadn’t arrived. Captain Caveman ordered a pizza and I had 2 pieces of it and a lemon juice, then some red wine. Tatas finally messaged to say she was at Chay Lap with her customers so wouldn’t be coming out. I sat and caught up on blogging with wine while Captain Caveman went to his briefing then I had a chicken and bacon sandwich which I took most of the bread off and only managed a few chips before I had a bad stomach. Since the gastroenteritis my gluten intolerance was back with a vengeance, it appeared and we even had to do an emergency stop on the way home because of my stomach. Captain Caveman was not impressed and insisted I needed to give up gluten and dairy completely now and made me promise to. In the news there were reports that Asia was suffering from not having enough room for Corona patients in hospitals, after a record amount of cases and new lockdowns imposed, more info here:
Before I went to bed I noticed that the bit of dust I had got in my eye on the way home had made it bloodshot and a bit sore, it even made it difficult for me to get to sleep.

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