Captain Caveman brought me my breakfast in bed on Wednesday 14th April; a banana, some strawberries and some grapes. He had a day off and we had been awake since the 5.30am tannoy which had been a bit quieter today. I’d hoped we might be spending the day doing something different but Captain Caveman had already arranged to go to Phong Nha and then off on a rented motorbike for a reccy of a cycling route for a race coming up this summer. I was hoping for an extra nap when the housekeeping staff knocked on the door to come in to clean. I decided to sit outside and admire the garden while catching up on the To Do List. Mr Ky, the dog, was off his lead and wandering around so he came to say hello when I called him. For lunch I had an apple, a small piece of crust from the fresh bread and the last of my vegan meals which was braised root vegetables. When Captain Caveman returned I made him an omelette, it’s the only thing I’m good at cooking but won’t eat and we decided to open a bottle of Lindemans sparkling white wine. While he ate the sour cream Pringles, I had some cashew nuts which we bought at Funny Monkeys. For dinner Captain Caveman made us a tasty pasta dish with salami, mushrooms and peppers and we had a relaxing evening. Even though I had eaten gluten I was not ill from the pasta, which was good news!

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