I had a lovely day in Hoi An on Thursday 22nd April with Caroline. I’d slept much later than I usually do and so our first stop was for breakfast at Rosie’s. We met Neil who had just bought a new motorbike and so they were chatting on about parts and planning a visit to the Harley Davidson shop in Danang. Neil came up with the Poison Ivy song being used as her kind of backing track and he and I sang it while waiting for our breakfast to arrive. It was really hot and sweaty so I probably shouldn’t have gone for the English breakfast, I’d come to regret the choice of sausage later. Caroline had the breakfast burritos which looked good and Neil a salad bowl with extra chicken which was a better choice than mine. Back at Caroline’s we had a much needed dip in the pool which was so lovely, we even had a glass of fizz while we swam. I had a bit of trouble getting out of the pool and ended up having to go backwards because the tiles on the side were too slippy, but she did have steps and a bath mat so all was good.

Caroline had been invited to a friend’s house party for sunset, my stomach wasn’t great after the sausages so I had a little nap and then gave belly rubs to River. Around 7.30pm Caroline came home and we decided to get a taxi to the old town for dinner. I was shocked at how quiet it was as we walked from the main street towards the river front, something I couldn’t have done last time I was here. Caroline suggested we eat at a delightful little place called Cabanon where she introduced me to the chef and owner, Gilles. We decided to have a bottle of fizz and a half baked camembert to share for starters, Caroline also ordered the pâté which I don’t normally eat. We were quite hungry because we had not eaten since breakfast and I’d taken a Gastropulgite prior to dinner to help prevent any stomach problems. The starters were fantastic and I even tried, and enjoyed, some of the pâté. For mains we decided to share our dishes of carbonara and chicken cordon bleu and the food was so good! A man on the next table heard Caroline talk about her forthcoming motorbike ride and went off to buy her a bandana for wearing underneath her helmet to keep her hair good and prevent a sweaty head – how nice of him! Back home we had a nightcap, of more fizz, while singing and dancing to music – I’d had a great time on my last night in Hoi An.

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