It was incredibly hot in Hoi An on Friday 23rd April and I was sad to be leaving Caroline’s and Hoi An this afternoon. Before I went back to Danang, Caroline took me on her motorbike to the Roving Chill House for breakfast. It was situated in the rice fields so was looking really pretty and, to be on the safe side, I had a fruit plate and a peach tea for breakfast. Caroline had avocado and egg on toast and a coffee and she was also planning on a trip to Danang today with Neil. I was impressed that I managed to get on and off the big bike without too much hassle and it was super comfy.
We went home and packed my stuff up before going to meet Melissa at Sounds of Silence, a cute cafe on the beach. It was strange to still see the damage of the floods from last year and there were workmen trying to rebuild the beach side. I had a fresh coconut while looking out over the sea and Aaliyah made me a swan from paper. Caroline and Neil joined us before their bike trip and let Aaliyah have a sit on Caroline’s bike, which she loved. I was meant to meet old friends, Ben and Hilary but their plans in Hoi An changed. I said my goodbyes to Neil, who we hoped to see in Tam Hai next month, and Caroline, who would become Poison_I_Vee tomorrow when she set off on her exciting road trip with Vee, the dog. You can check out her adventures on Instagram here:

I arrived back at Bridges Danang Boutique Hotel on Friday 23rd April for the weekend, to a nice welcome and to check in to a bigger room for not much extra – 550,000vnd per night (£17). I was very impressed with the hotel and my room which, this time, had a sea view and a much bigger bathroom. Captain Caveman would be out of Son Doong later today and had a ticket for the 8pm bus to come to Danang for the weekend. After checking in, putting my washing in to the hotel’s great laundry service and eating some veggie rice and soup from room service I met up with Hamish and Ania.

That afternoon I had another important appointment at the opticians as I had noticed my eyesight was getting worse for distance and my glasses were very worn out. At the opticians they were very thorough and I had good news, my eyes were now both the same prescription (-3.25) and I chose some new glasses, this time I went darker. Unfortunately they would have to post them to me as they wouldn’t be ready before we went back home, but that was fine.
Back at the hotel we got ready and were off to a small BBQ restaurant which Captain Caveman and I had tried and failed to go to before. They only open at weekends and do a limited amount of food which when it’s gone, it’s gone. Hamish had organised it well and we had a big table at Eazy Pickins where I joined him, Ania, Mik, Darran, Kendra, Bryan, and a couple I’d not met before. The food was unbelievably good and we all forced as much down as possible before going for one more drink at Oi Bar. I had a couple of glasses of wine and Hamish got everyone a shot but got told off because we were all too full for shots. It was a great night but Hamish, Ania and I left the others at Oi bar and went back to the hotel. I didn’t want to be hungover when Captain Caveman arrived at stupid o’clock in the morning and my ankle was a bit swelled up from a lot of walking today.

Photo credit – Caroline and Melissa

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