On Tuesday 1st June Captain Caveman went over to Phong Nha by bicycle and picked up a gluten free cake for me and bread from the Lake House on the way home. Ly Ly at Funny monkeys had made me the cake with sweet potato, honey and nuts, she’s such a good chef so I was looking forward to trying it. While he was gone I ate some gluten free biscuits and peanut butter for breakfast and read the Corona news.
Unfortunately death number 48 was reported:
It was sad to read about children being parted from their parents for quarantine, like war evacuees:
I did a bit of swimming and when Captain Caveman returned I tried some of the gluten free cake which was delicious.

Des, in Danang, updated me that he had set up an online English teaching business, the link is here; https://www.italki.com/i/reft/GFADfA/GFADfA/english?hl=en
In the afternoon we went in the jeep to the Farmstay for a drink and I arranged to send my passport to immigration in Dong Hoi to request the visa extension. I started looking into flight options more seriously because I could have only 9 days left in this country. I also had to weigh up where I would go and via which country I would choose to transit through, as there were no direct flights to England or Turkey available. We stayed at the Farmstay for sunset and had a couple of happy hour drinks while chatting to Steven and his girlfriend who had returned from Hanoi. We didn’t eat at the Farmstay because we were on a budget and I’d already got the prawns out of the freezer for dinner. When we got home I cooked the prawns with onions, garlic, cashew nuts and rice noodles and we had a bottle of red wine between us.

On Wednesday 2nd June Captain Caveman headed over to Phong Nha, I had gluten free cake and a pot of jasmine tea for breakfast while catching up on the Corona news.
There was an interesting article on the consequences of not wearing a mask in public in Vietnam:
Unfortunately death number 49 was reported and plans were made in Saigon to build a makeshift hospital to house 1000 patients if required:
While Captain Caveman was having coffee with colleagues at Tree House I took a call from Bich to say there would be a shopping trip to Dong Hoi tomorrow and would keep me posted on the arrangements.
When Captain Caveman got back I was already in the pool and the weather was pretty scorching hot! I had a couple of rum and ginger ales, he had gin and tonics and we swam for a bit, before having some crisps.
For dinner Captain Caveman made a lovely meal of chicken, potatoes, courgettes, green beans and carrots which I really enjoyed. Graeme, the gecko, came out to say hello and Captain Caveman met him for the first time.

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