Monday 14th June was a nice quiet day, gone were the days of Margarita Monday with the last one I went to being 3 months ago now. It was helping my ‘so called’ diet though, which was a good change. Captain Caveman went to Phong Nha and I decided to attempt to make a gluten and dairy free mushroom and rice noodle soup for breakfast (a kind of vegan pho). Of course it wasn’t that nice but I managed to eat most of it and was just finishing it as Captain Caveman returned, a sweaty mess as it was hot again. He was off to Hang Va tomorrow with Watto and Colin to do some safety/inspection work so he was happy to have something interesting and cave related to do.
In the news Corona was now in all districts of Saigon as it was spreading quite rapidly, more here:
It was unfortunate that only 0.05% of the Vietnamese population had been vaccinated so far too, but plans to ramp up the vaccination program were in place. We had leftover chicken, potatoes, onion and carrots with extra asparagus and BBQ sauce for lunch and in the afternoon I had plain bread, no butter and a Strongbow.
Captain Caveman cooked a gorgeous gluten free, dairy free and booze free mushroom risotto for dinner and for afters we had more of our favourite fruit, mangosteen. Captain Caveman also cooked the tortilla for tomorrow and popped it in the fridge. I hadn’t heard if my passport had returned safely from Dong Hoi but I didn’t check again, hopefully I would hear tomorrow.

On my quest to work out what is effecting my stomach I’d been trying to avoid dairy to see if it made any difference however I had read that some people with gluten intolerance could start to develop intolerance to dairy and egg. On Tuesday 15th June I had 2 pieces of tortilla (made with egg, potatoes, onion, garlic and pepper) with a few gherkins and was ill straight after. I’ve never really eaten eggs because I don’t like them but if they are an ingredient in something I have not avoided them. Looking back, I have had a reaction to them from time to time so this was another thing to watch. Captain Caveman had gone to Hang Va for work, although it wasn’t with customers, just colleagues. He said he would be back late and so not to plan to have dinner together as he would go out in Phong Nha tonight.
In the Corona news Ha Tinh had another 12 cases while Quang Tri remained at 3, we were still so lucky, in Quang Binh, to have no cases at all.  For lunch I had bread and jam (no butter) but had a bad stomach still with that. I asked if I had got my passport back and if I could possibly get a photo of the visa but it was still in Dong Hoi and would maybe return tomorrow. I was ok with tomorrow and I would still have it back to go on a short holiday before we had to hand it in again, hopefully. After a rest I got in the pool and did some exercises, the sky was very pretty tonight and I enjoyed just chilling on the balcony for a bit. 
Captain Caveman went to Momma D’s for dinner and had a sausage roll for his dinner and ordered 3 frozen ones to bring home – I love those sausage rolls so much. I made chicken with rice and sweetcorn for my dinner and my stomach was fine after that. I had a Strongbow and relaxed until Captain Caveman returned having had an unproductive and disappointing day.

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