I was looking forward to this week’s shopping trip, at 8am on Wednesday 16th June, Veronika and I were waiting outside when Bich pulled up in the car with the 2 kids. On the drive to Dong Hoi I checked the Corona news and read that a health worker who had the job of collecting Corona test samples from people, had tested positive, more info here:
There was news of vaccine progress in Vietnam:
Meanwhile the vaccine program speeds up in Turkey as they get to over 40s:
I overheard a phonecall Bich had which meant that the member of staff dealing with my passport had some bad news, there had been a death in her close family, the funeral was this afternoon, this also meant that my passport would be delayed and that holiday was looking unlikely (again)!
We arrived at Tree Hugger and we went upstairs to eat, I ordered peach tea with my pancakes, fruit and honey. It was really busy today and so we were there for about 2 hours in total and I took half of my breakfast away. As we left Tree Hugger the boys were moaning that they didn’t want to go shopping and they were bored but luckily for them, we only had time for a trip to the organic shop and the VinMart. When I got back home I took out the last piece of chicken from the freezer, not realising it had bones in, and I’d not been able to get any more chicken breasts in Dong Hoi. I ate my leftover Tree Hugger breakfast for lunch and then chilled out by the pool. Later, Captain Caveman made us a chicken salad baguette, a bit like being at Subway, but the chicken wasn’t ideal for this kind of meal and would have been better in a stew or curry. We shared a bottle of red wine as I tried to finalise the plans for tomorrow’s Ladies Night!

The Shopping Trolley:

As is usual I made a list of my shopping so you can have a nosey as to what was in my basket or trolley. £1 is about 32,200vnd for ease of working it out and I listed the cheapest items first. As we are on a stricter budget while we wait to find out when Captain Caveman will resume work, I didn’t buy anything too frivolous.

Organic Shop
130g baby carrots 12,350
1 pack of natural peanuts 22,000
Coconut rice crackers 25,000
1 dragon fruit 30,940
6 mangosteen 67,650

Dove deodorant 63,000

3 pack Alpenleibe sweets 15,000
1 pack Fox’s Glacier mints 15,100
2 baguettes 18,000
2 cans diet coke 19,000
6 bananas 21,911
Washing up liquid 23,000
2 red peppers 27,373
10 eggs 27,700
2 yellow peppers 28,974
Mushrooms 31,000
Pringles 32,500
Garlic 34,540
1 pack Ham 38,800
3 X 180ml almond milk 69,500

Are there any items that surprised you this week? Did anyone notice the absence of alcohol?

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