On Thursday 24th June Captain Caveman left early for Phong Nha and I made myself gluten free pancakes with banana and honey for breakfast. I washed them down with a pot of jasmine tea while watching more of Hinterland on Netflix, I was really enjoying it. As arranged Captain Caveman went to Victory Road Villas to pick up my passport but it wasn’t there. The passport had been forgotten about and the lady who had it was already in nearby Thanh Hoa so she couldn’t get it until later – it was becoming a bit of a joke now that we had reached 24 days of me not having my passport! Captain Caveman came home and we had Baba Ganoush on toast for lunch which was really tasty. That night we did something new, for a change, and I was so excited to be eating something I miss from back home.
We had decided to try the new fish and chips special at The Villas, also giving us another opportunity to perhaps retrieve my passport. Ben and Bich picked us up in the Phong Nha Farmstay minibus with their group of customers from Hanoi, it was great to have some tourists around again!  We sat outside and I enquired about my passport with the manager, but it had not been left for me yet. There were quite a few out tonight, all the Oxalis cavers and Momma D had come to sample the fish and chips and were sat in the bar area with Shannon too. We shared an outside table with a lovely old chap called Leonard, who’s really funny.  He and I had a white wine and Captain Caveman had a beer. Veronika finally sat down at our table, probably waiting to see if anyone would want to mover her out of her seat first.
I was quite prepared to have my fish and chips as it comes and take the batter off to eat just the fish but to my delight they make the batter with corn, rice and tapioca flours and soda water. Just as I was about to order a second glass of wine my passport arrived, finally!!! Obviously it was now too late to use it to go anywhere for a holiday as I had to give it back in 6 days but I was really pleased just to see it again. 
I was so impressed with the meal as it even came with white vinegar (I’m not keen on the malt vinegar you can find in restaurants here sometimes) and the tartare sauce was spot on too. On the plate was 2 substantial pieces of crispy battered basa fish, 3 battered onion rings (which I gave to Captain Caveman), a portion of chips and a bowl of tartare sauce. One of the cavers mentioned it needed a cup of Yorkshire tea and a suggestion was made by Captain Caveman to add on mushy peas, which Veronika seconded, given she had just fish and salad for her meal but thought salad didn’t really go. We got a lift back home with Bich in the car while Ben waited for the other guests to take them back on the fun bus. All in all a successful evening and I’ll definitely look forward to eating the fish and chips again at The Villas.

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