I was a bit worried for my friend on Tuesday 27th July who was due to leave Vietnam for South Africa today. He’d had quite a lot of issues up to now and they didn’t get any better as he tried to get from Hanoi to Saigon to make his international flight via Singapore. While I was tucking in to 2 fresh croissants for breakfast, Captain Caveman was in Phong Nha and my friend was a stressy mess. My morning kitchen activity was the slicing of the bread and popping in the tuppaware boxes for fridge or freezer, while the housekeeping came to do our room. They’d also mended Captain Caveman’s swimming shorts after he ripped a hole in the bum getting out of the pool a few days ago, they did a wonderful job and wouldn’t take any money for it, either. They kindly brought us a load of longan fruit for us all which they left on the kitchen table. By the time Captain Caveman had returned my friend in Hanoi was having a meltdown because his flight to Saigon from Hanoi had been cancelled, I told him to get to the airport regardless and demand they put him on whatever plane is available for that day.
I read in the news that a month after Turkey had opened up again, there was a big spike in cases, hardly surprising but concerning if I have to leave Vietnam without being fully vaccinated, read more here:
Captain Caveman made us bacon and asparagus with gin cocktails for lunch and we swam in the pool. I’d took to slathering my face eczema in sudocrem overnight and so it seemed to be clearing up a bit.
While Captain Caveman prepared a beef stew for dinner I tried to calm a very stressed South African friend down after he was refused his flight from Saigon to Singapore. Nothing in Saigon is open, he is not meant to leave the airport where there is no food, drink or Aircon and now he had to stay there overnight. The beef stew was the best I’d ever had and we really enjoyed it even though we felt very sorry for our mate who was now hoping to get on the flight tomorrow. He sent me voice clips and he sounded like he really was at the end of his tether with everything – he didn’t even want to go back to South Africa but with only a South African passport he had little choice – not many countries will take a South African in these days! While he tried to find a comfy bit of airport floor to sleep on and not get robbed, we grazed through a bunch of longan berries.

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