Being in Vietnam without access to my own money has meant we have had to cope with living on the one (at times reduced) wage. As a tourist in Vietnam I’m not allowed to work and so things haven’t been as easy as planned due to the Corona situation. I was meant to leave Vietnam in April 2020 so I wasn’t prepared for a prolonged stay, at all. When I get to Turkey I will be able to access my bank account there but, until I get more income I will need to be very careful. These are some of the things I’ve already tried to adopt to cut our cloth and be more frugal with the money we do have.

1. Take advantage of a bargain only when it suits what you need.
2. Stop buying new clothes or cosmetic products.
3. Drink mostly water as much as possible, all those soft drinks or juices can add up.
4. Make a daily, weekly and monthly budget and stick to it – make adjustments if unexpected costs occur.
5. Plan ahead with food shopping.
6. Don’t waste any food.
7. Limit the amount of stuff we buy which isn’t locally produced.
8. Cut out snacks and treats (good for the diet too).
9. Stop going anywhere you need to pay for a taxi to get there, unless essential or urgent.
10. Stop buying gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Engagements, Baby showers, Anniversaries and other celebrations.

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