Captain Caveman was up early on Wednesday 4th August, excited to be getting his 2nd vaccine today. I checked my phone and there was no mention of a shopping trip but then all but a handful of guests had left the Phong Nha Farmstay so there was probably less demand. We did a quick check of the fridge, freezer and cupboard and thought we could probably make do without a shopping trip this week, anyway. Captain Caveman cooked us bacon, red cabbage, pumpkin and tortilla for breakfast, which was delicious, and he put my broken ring in a bag to take to Phong Nha to fix. Even though it wasn’t an expensive ring it was sentimental to me as I bought it on a trip to Marble Mountain, Danang, when I was with friends on their last visit to Vietnam.
Vietnam now had over 170,000 cases in total, more than 2,000 deaths and 50,000 recoveries. This was the highest the mortality rate for Corona had reached in Vietnam so far, 1.16% and it was increasing very quickly. There was, however, some good news for experts coming in to Vietnam, which could possibly include Captain Caveman (and the returning cavers) if he leaves Vietnam:
For lunch I made myself some pasta with mushrooms and soft cheese and it was really tasty, although I had stomach ache afterwards, I wasn’t ill. Captain Caveman and his cave colleagues got the 2nd vaccine which was the same brand as the 1st, Astra Zeneca. Initially we had been told we would get Moderna for the 2nd jab but apparently there had not been approval for mix and match vaccines in Vietnam so they couldn’t do that.

When he got home he felt fine and so we got a lift in the jeep with Duyet, to the Farmstay, then walked all the way to The Belafonte, Stu’s place. We saw Bich on the way to say hello and although it was hot it wasn’t too sunny. It took 34 minutes to walk it from the Farmstay and my ankle was hurting when we got there. We had some cold beers and Multi was there on the rice wine, which Captain Caveman joined in with. Jack was keen to get me to try out his VR (Virtual Reality) game and it’s another first for me. I sat on a chair, opposite the TV with this thing on my head and eyes, then the fun started. I was in a dive cage under the sea looking at all the nice fishes and stuff which was a bit scary, the manteray made me jump but was cool to watch but towards the end a shark swam up and bit my cage and tried to eat me – it was terrifying! Stu even took videos of me screaming and putting my feet up so I wouldn’t get a leg bitten off. We had a few drinks, a delicious Vietnamese style dinner, a dip in the pool and a great night, all the way past midnight!

Video by Stu, of my first go on the VR

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