I was still awake when the loudspeaker went off around 5am on Tuesday 3rd August but I pretended to be asleep so that I didn’t have to speak to Captain Caveman, who kissed my head when he was leaving and went to Phong Nha. After a little bit of sleep I got up and had dragon fruit for breakfast while reading the news, which did little to cheer me up!
Vietnam was told to prepare for the worst as this 4th Corona wave and Delta variant got worse, info here:
Some initial reports in the Vietnamese news of a new variant of the Delta variant in South Korea, more here:
Disturbingly the BBC published an article about what was happening in China – back to where it started:
Before lunch Captain Caveman video called me to show me my stuff in the Glass House that I might want bringing back so I could take it to Turkey. I said I felt like shit, picked out a few things and then went to get some water. When Captain Caveman returned he tried to apologise but I told him I didn’t think he meant it, he had brought some fruit home, which he left on the kitchen table and went to have a shower after cycling. When I opened the bag there were mangosteen and longans but they were covered in ants – was this a joke!?
I put the fruit in a sink full of water and went upstairs, thinking “Get me on a plane out of here, now!” Unfortunately, there were still no flights from Dong Hoi and so I was going nowhere but in to a bad mood. I warmed up my leftover curry and rice for lunch and enjoyed the butter chicken very much.
In other news Melissa and her family of 5 had made it out of Hanoi but not before letting me know that the Paragon hotel in Hanoi, had been forced to close by the authorities.This was the one I had planned on staying in, if I need to before my international flight so was a bit rubbish.
Something strange happened as I was cooking dinner. I was cooking bacon, cabbage, pumpkin and tortilla and, as I was stirring it, my onyx ring, on my right hand, cracked and fell off. Luckily I caught it just as it was falling in to the food – how strange! Just as we were getting ready for bed, Captain Caveman got a work email to tell him to go for his 2nd vaccine tomorrow and to be ready for 1pm departure with about 40 of his colleagues. Well, that cheered him right up and he was in the best mood now – what a relief he was getting it 2 days before his 12 week deadline. There was no mention yet of tomorrow’s weekly shopping trip but it would be my turn again and Captain Caveman gave me the last of his money. I set my alarm for 7.30am so I could be ready for a call or message to confirm the shopping trip pick up time.

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