I was still in bed asleep on Sunday 15th August when Stu popped over to drop us the bacon and pulled pork off, Captain Caveman was already up and about in the kitchen making coffee and warming a croissant. He brought me up a cup of jasmine tea and then for breakfast I had a croissant, a banana and a mangosteen. I caught up on the news of various cities of Vietnam who were now facing longer lockdowns and stricter checkpoints to go in or out, locals had to provide documentation just to go to work and the hospitals in the major cities were at breaking point – makeshift ones were being built or disused buildings were being turned in to medical or quarantine facilities. I read about a terrible situation that occured with a sick man (not with Corona) who needed emergency care but didn’t get it (from 5 different hospitals) because they were dealing with more Corona cases, here’s the article:
When I went to get my towel for the pool it wasn’t there and Captain Caveman had decided to use mine, it was already wet through and round his waist. He already had one in the bathroom and one next to his bedside lamp – honestly! I went back in the bedroom with a face on and watched Sexy Beasts on Netflix which made me laugh. For lunch Captain Caveman tried to make amends for the using of all pool towels unnecessarily and went to make us some bruschetta. I’d already chopped the cucumber, tomato and onion for the salsa style topping but Captain Caveman had to toast the bread and add mango and olives to it – he forgot the olives.
In the afternoon I was hungry (as is usual) so we had a mid afternoon snack of tortilla with the last of the pickled onions. While Veronika went to the Farmstay for Sunday roast, I made us a cheap dinner at home; BBQ jackfruit with potato wedges, red cabbage and carrot which was also pretty healthy too.

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