On the morning of Monday 16th August Captain Caveman had gone to work early and I came downstairs to get some breakfast. I grabbed a croissant and cut up some dragon fruit for my breakfast and went to read the news. There was some good news this morning; the UK government announced there was no isolation needed when coming in to the UK if you are double jabbed. But, unfortunately, it didn’t yet apply to me because it didn’t include if you had your jabs in Vietnam. It was good news for my family and friends who might be wanting to visit me in Turkey later this year, though, as they would be able to return to the UK without quarantine or isolation (once it was off the Red list). You can read the info here:
In Vietnam and Turkey there were reports of starting to vaccinate children and in Turkey I even knew people who were getting their 4th vaccine soon, mainly so they could get 2 Pfizer boosters to travel to see family in the UK, as Sinovac wasn’t recognised or had already worn off. While I was waiting (hoping) for a call about my 2nd vaccination I did quite a bit of Turkish on Duolingo and writing blog posts. For lunch I had leftovers of tortilla, salsa and bread, I’d not heard about the vaccine and so I went in the pool.   I didn’t hear from Captain Caveman at all and he went straight from work to Colin and Watto’s leaving party, which Oxalis were throwing for them. Veronika went to Curry night at The Villas with Stu and I wish I had too, but to be honest we couldn’t afford to splash out and it wasn’t within our budget for this week. Instead I made popcorn, watched some Netflix and had a relaxing evening. I even ate fruit, cheese and bread for dinner and wasn’t ill. That night I had the bed to myself as Captain Caveman stayed at the Glass House, he had thought he might get a lift to Dong Hoi the next day to do a bit of shopping but I still hadn’t heard if this was the plan or not. As I was falling asleep I got an email from Easyjet, my Manchester to Turkey flight had been cancelled. This was expected but it did mean I no longer had a flight to or from the UK for my friend’s wedding. If I still had to do the 10 days isolation on arrival in the UK I needed to be there by the 7th September and Turkey had to be off the UK’s Red list for me to go there at all – it was going to be tight!

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