There was no mention of the usual weekly shopping trip on Wednesday 25th August and I was no longer expecting one, I would ask Duyet if we needed more fruit and vegetables. Captain Caveman was on his last day of his 3 day trip to Hang Ba and I’d slept better last night. I still woke up very early with the loudspeaker but then fell back to sleep until an amazing 10.30am – the latest I’d been in bed until for ages! I had pomelo for breakfast and read up on the news where I saw an interesting article which would certainly never be written about the western world that I’m used to. I’d not choose a place like this for a camping trip, let alone as an ideal place to quarantine, especially as there was a risk of storms or even landslides. Here’s the article:
Unfortunately there were 3 more Corona cases in our province of Quang Binh; apparently 2 in Cuba hospital (Dong Hoi) and 1 in a district I wasn’t aware of. News on Facebook came that there were lockdowns of streets and certain areas of Dong Hoi, including near the Sun Spa hotel.
I took a previously made masaman curry out of the freezer for dinner with Captain Caveman as he was due back home tonight. Around lunch time it rained heavily for 30 minutes and I had another make-do healthy lunch of steamed aubergine, cabbage and rice – it tasted better than I imagined.
When Captain Caveman got home he was the most tired I’ve seen him after a caving trip and he could hardly speak or function. He was also pretty hungry and ate all of his extra large portion of chicken masaman with steamed rice, finished off mine, then laid down to rest. We heard a rumour that there was a positive Corona case in Cu Nam, the next village to us but the source could not confirm or get any more details. Although Captain Caveman and I had decided that tonight we would book my flight, he was just far too knackered so we agreed that tomorrow we would book the flight which left Hanoi on Tuesday 31st August. We went to sleep happy to have finally made a decision and ready to go ahead with the escape plan, nothing was going to stop us now – or was it!?

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