I don’t always sleep well when Captain Caveman is away and on Tuesday 24th August I woke up at 4.30am, I’m not really sure why but I couldn’t get back to sleep so I did some Turkish lessons. By 5am I was checking the Corona situation in Turkey and noticed that where friends were staying, in Kaş, there was a virus hotspot while Dalyan, near our apartment had a couple more cases – this was slightly concerning. By 8am, just as I fancied going back to sleep, the housekeeping staff were here to clean our room so I went downstairs for breakfast. I was going to have my leftover curry but I decided to save it for lunch and just have dragon fruit. Veronika had gone up to the Farmstay to teach Howie and so I had an aubergine roasting mission, so that we could have Baba Ganoush later in the week. I spent a long time doing this sweaty task because I had to use the frying pan as a tray as we were out of tinfoil almost. I’d been checking my phone all the time in case I got a message or a call to go for the vaccine but there was still nothing, I was really hoping that Ben was wrong and that they still had some vaccines left, or a new delivery had arrived.
For lunch I popped on a new batch of rice and had it with last night’s curry and reheated nan bread – even better the second day! I snacked on pomelo by the pool and had an early dinner of leftover chicken and veg spaghetti which didn’t look too appetising when I opened it but actually tasted great. I decided that I would finally try a bit of the disastrous deconstructed gluten and dairy free brownie as a dessert. It was certainly not something I would choose in a restaurant but it would do! It made me think that my Dad would probably love it as he is a fan of all the ingredients, especially the condensed milk! As I slept in the big comfy bed Captain Caveman was under a tarp, in a hammock, sheltering from the rain in Hang Ba.

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