At just after midnight, so very early on Friday 1st October, having fell asleep on the sofa watching the TV, I could smell cheese again and had a pain in my left shoulder. I went to the mirror to look at my back and, where I had a cyst removed over 10 years ago, there was another small lump underneath my old scar. Incredibly I could smell that it was probably infected or another cyst had grown. I put a plaster on it, went to bed and when I woke up I had a photo of Carrot, the dog, from Captain Caveman, who was in pain again with his foot and knee.
I had beans on toast for lunch and arranged to meet Maddie, Angela and Nick at Tez bar for a drink at 6pm, Angela had organised for a group of us (the usual suspects) to go to Wonky’s for fish and chips tonight.

I wasn’t really feeling like going out due to feeling tired and having some issues about applying for residency but I went anyway and I’m glad that I did. Tez bar used to be Soul Kitchen and it looks very similar, they now sell proper ales which looked great but they were 38 lira (£3.22) for a small bottle and I’m on a budget so I had a glass of white wine which was cheaper. Jax was going back home to England tomorrow so had got her PCR test done at Tez Bar where they were printing off and trying to WhatsApp a copy of it to her.
When we arrived at Wonky’s Onur was already playing live music as we found a table outside, Angela had booked for 6 of us so we could try the fish and chips, which I was looking forward to. The place was packed and there were a lot of familiar faces in there too, it seemed to be one of the new places to be. When we came to order food they only had enough fish and chips left for half of us (it is very popular), Jax offered to have a burger so that Nick could have fish and chips, and I ordered a pizza. The food was very nice and I noticed that Jax’s burger looked really good and didn’t have any random chillies in, maybe I ordered the wrong one on my last visit, my pizza was excellent. By the time Sarah joined us we had eaten, Onur was in full swing with his live music and people were really enjoying it, he does all the tunes to sing a long too. On our table there was only me, Ann and Jax not smoking and I was finding it difficult to deal with the cigarette smoke so I decided to leave earlier than the others. I found out the next day that most of the gang stayed out until 3am and were singing and dancing – I could not have managed that!
When I got home I noticed my shoulder looked a bit sore where my bra strap had been digging in to the scar so I put a blister plaster on to sleep in, it was strange that the exact same place where I had the cyst removed before, years ago, looked like it had another one and I hoped I didn’t have to have surgery again.

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