I was awake at 4.15am on Friday 8th October because I couldn’t sleep, my cyst had started to become more uncomfortable. I had a message from Captain Caveman to tell me that the Vietnamese vaccines (which I’ve had 2 of) are now recognised in the UK and Turkey which was good news. The plans for Vietnam to open to tourists in June 2022 was in the news, so it must be true:
Sonuç was completing my online residency application and had me on standby for the OTP code and email for most of the morning. He also managed to get me an appointment for the residency in Muğla on 22nd October, 2 weeks wasn’t long to wait!
Today was my weekly weigh day and I tentatively got on the scales because I knew I had over indulged this last week. Unbelievably, I had lost 1kg and I had to attribute it to the amount of walking about I was doing compared to before. At 10am I had a delivery I’d been looking forward to; there’s a lady, called Emma, in Dalyan who makes sausage/cheese rolls and apple pies so I had ordered a few for the fridge and the freezer. Emma is a good pastry baker and I’d often seen her posts on Facebook to offer her products, the food came hand delivered by her husband, at the time arranged and wrapped in foil/greaseproof paper – I would look forward to trying those later. My next appointment was one I had looked forward to for so long; Emrah Kilis, my favourite hairdresser, was going to work magic with my hair and I absolutely love having my hair done even though I rarely got to have it done when I was in Vietnam. He did an amazing job even if I did look more like a King Charles spaniel than Eva Longoria but I guess he’s not a miracle worker.

My next mission was banking related and Murat who works upstairs in the bank got me sorted with everything I needed, in readiness for my residency appointment and proving my savings were adequate to live on, here in Turkey. The final job of the day was to get my biometric photos done for the residency application, which I had done at the small shop near to Lukka bar, they made me look like an extra from Prisoner Cell Block H but we’re very quick and only 50 lira for 4. When I got home the steps to the apartment were soaking wet so it took me a while to get up them safely, the cleaner had been and done a good job but they always soak the marble steps which is hard to walk on with a bad ankle and I was worried I would slip – I made a mental note to book her for when I’m not here next time and messaged the neighbours to let them know to be careful.

Late in the afternoon, after shoving down one of Emma’s delicious cheese rolls, I arranged to meet Ann at Lukka bar for a drink before our evening out, with my new haircut. We also met Sonuç who needed to collect my bank stuff and biometric photos for the residency application and he agreed that my photos were pretty scary. He took all the stuff he needed to copy and then brought it back, while Ann had a white wine and I had a beer. We had booked as part of a bigger group for the bingo and fish and chips night at Lukka bar and I was conscious that I was on a tight budget, hence the beer instead of wine. At our table was me, Ann, Sarah, (Nanny) Kay, Süleyman, Jackie, Roy, Sue and Pete, the last 4 I hadn’t met before but they were already friends with each other and knew Süleyman. It certainly made for an entertaining evening and poor (Nanny) Kay came late so we had all eaten our fish and chips already, then she got told that the last portions had already been taken and she was disappointed. Luckily for (Nanny) Kay she did get her fish and chips and her’s had crispier batter than our’s and came with tartar sauce, so she was delighted. The bingo night was good with lots of singing, Ann had left early to meet Debbie (Darling) so I was left surrounded by 5 smokers at our table and my newly done hair reeked of fags, which was a pain as I was hoping not to have to wash it this weekend! I left after the 2nd game of bingo and 3 beers and decided I was ready for a night in tomorrow – it was ok having all this freedom, but so did everyone else! Maybe I had started to get a bit of social fatigue, I’d been here 2 weeks now and I was very much looking forward to settling in to home life a bit more.

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