On Saturday 9th October I decided to have an easy day at home, for a change. My parents were arriving next week so I knew we would be going out quite a bit and I also needed to get the apartment as I wanted it. In the morning I noticed the shoulder cyst was definitely getting worse, I could no longer wear a bra or strap over it without it hurting and I thought I might need to see a doctor. In the morning I made Baba Ganoush in the slow cooker which is so much easier than in a normal oven and I added tahini to my shopping list. For brunch I decided to have an old favourite from when I was last in Dalyan, potato wedges with baked beans – I loved it!! I did some writing and I finished Line of Duty on Netflix, which I thought was good. I made bolognese in the slow cooker and in the afternoon I spoke to Captain Caveman. He was doing fine, he had not started back at work yet (maybe next month) and he said he is missing me a bit now (all while he chased a fly round the bedroom with the electric tennis racket)! I set about looking for a job for 2022 and started to draft up my winter budget, at the top of my to do list was to decide whether to self publish or get an agent for my book(s). I bought some beers, from Selçuk market, for the fridge, had one before dinner, then had 2 lovely portions of pasta bolognese with the tiniest bit of parmesan for my evening meal.
I discovered a comedian I liked on Netflix, called Daniel Sloss and watched him while eating biscuits, quark and honey (the healthy eating diet was going well)! By evening my shoulder was in pain and I was using a hot towel compress to try to ease it, I was also taking paracetamol and ibuprofen to try to reduce the pain a bit. That night I had trouble getting to sleep because of how uncomfortable it was making me.

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