I woke up far too early on Saturday 16th October, I felt really rough and my cyst wound was painful and leaky. I’d agreed to visit the local Saturday market with ma & pa so I forced some cornflakes down me and took my day 5 medication. As I left the apartment I decided to take some photos of the pergola, the storm last night had made more horizontal beams come loose and a plastic bag that had been hanging on one of the high branches had caught the rain in it, right above the gate. I knew that King Emlak were sending someone round today to make it safe so I went over to my parents’ place and we headed off to the market.

Dalyan market sells lots of fruit and veg, spices, cheese, olives, Turkish delight, nuts, and even clothes, handbags and watches. I didn’t get too much as I wouldn’t be able to carry it and we would probably be eating out quite a bit, while my parents are here. I spent just 50 lira (£4.23) for some fruit, vegetables and olives. When I got home the spare ground next to Fire Opal was completely cleared and some bricks put on the ground at the edge of the area to denote ‘no parking’ so I took some photos. I felt really ill and thought I’d have a nannan nap but the men from King Emlak arrived to sort out the pergola.

The man in charge was reluctant to do anything as he said we would need permission from all 10 apartment owners before anything could be done and I was annoyed because anyone could see it would only take another rain storm for more pieces to fall off. The plants definitely needed cutting back so that we could take down the falling beams so I gave the go ahead without waiting for everyone’s permission. I did post on the WhatsApp group for the owners, to let them know that King Emlak workmen were going to start tackling it today. About 2.30pm I went downstairs to check on the progress and took some photos to post on the WhatsApp group, King Emlak also posted some progress pictures and it wasn’t looking promising for the pergola staying up. With hindsight both pergolas should have been replaced when Block A had needed it, but without any of the owners being here at that time it hadn’t been essential.

When I came back down at 4.30pm the communal B Block entrance looked shockingly stark and the workmen were gone, the sky was grey and more rain looked likely.  I was surprised to see it cut back so much and that there were only 3 actual plants which had produced all of that foliage on top, one of which directly in front of the door to the electric meter cupboard – it clearly should have been trimmed a lot sooner.

That night my parents came over and they were also surprised at the bare entrance to B Block but we all thought I still did the right thing and those Bougainvillea grow fast so I was sure it would grow back again. I really could have done with a glass of wine but, of course, I didn’t because of the antibiotics I was taking and we went to Amy’s bar for a coke for me and beers for my parents. We chatted to Yusuf who is a really lovely bloke and the bar was so quiet compared to how it used to be.
That night we ate at a new place on our list which ma & pa fancied trying; Kebapçı Yusuf, it used to be Adılan’s, another one of our favourites when we were last here. The tables were outside but we were togged up in warm clothes and the rain had stopped, I ordered chicken shish, mom chose lamb shish and dad went for meatballs. The waitress spoke English and my parents said the wine they had was nice, I had an orange juice. We were brought a nice pomegranate salad, and bread to share and we ordered a portion of chips which were really good. For the price we all agreed the food was excellent and we said we would definitely go again.

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