Friday 15th October started with heavy rain and colder weather than we’d had in Dalyan recently, the mountains that I could usually see from all of the windows seemed to have disappeared because of the overcast skies. It was weigh-in day so I got on the scales to find I had put 0.5kg on, hardly surprising given the recent indulgences. My measurements were more surprising though; everything measured the same except for my right thigh which was 0.5cm bigger – wonderful results! The cyst was still an issue and I was on day 4 of the medication, so over half way through the course. I had a double breakfast of cornflakes then left over afternoon tea cakes, before getting ma & pa’s leftovers out of the fridge and popping in to some tuppaware and a tin.
It stopped raining and I was on my way to my parents’ place when Ann messaged me to say that Jamie had arrived back in Dalyan, he was here on a surprise visit and they were at Lukka bar having a late breakfast. We were already destined for a Jiks lunch, it’s always been a firm favourite of my parents’ and the prices are very good value for money. The lady in the kitchen is the happiest member of staff there and she said her usual hellos as we ordered food. I had chicken shish which comes with rice, veg and chips, ma & pa both had a tuna sandwich. The food was good and I struggled to finish it all, dad had a white wine and I really fancied one but resisted. We agreed to meet back up before dinner, at mine and off we went home, my mom had decided not to bother getting a Turkish SIM card for the short time they are here, Dad had turned his phone off and they didn’t have internet at their place, so they could only check when they had WiFi in a bar or at mine.

When I got back I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it but I thought that the pergola had moved and was leaning just ever so slightly more towards the main building of Block B. I also noticed a crack in the wall which I wasn’t sure if it had got worse or not and thought I’d let Leanne at King Emlak know, so she could send someone round to make it safe – it didn’t look like it would withstand harsh winter weather, at all. On the spare piece of land between our complex and the riverside shops there was a workman and truck which looked like they were chopping down trees and scraping the ground, being a builder’s daughter I deduced that it was being prepared for building work to start. I also noticed that some children had posted a couple of homemade posters on our wall next to B gate with drawings of cats on, presumably they had lost their pet cats.
In the late afternoon the rains started again and I wondered if my parents would still want to go out, a lot of the restaurants are mainly outdoors so we would have to go somewhere suitable.

It was around 6pm when the doorbell rang, my mom came in and my dad was still at the bottom of the stairs. Having come through the gate he was inspecting the broken pergola, moving one of the beams that had fell on the floor and was blocking the path. They weren’t very impressed and said if they had come a bit earlier it might have hit them on the head. When I went to look, most of the rest of the pergola was holding up by the overgrown bougainvillea plants and it looked messy and dangerous, the piece on the floor was rotten and it should have been replaced ages ago but without any of the B Block residents being here to look at it, it had just been left to get worse. I didn’t know if it might even have been me who was the last person to have been in B Block at the beginning of January 2020. I wasn’t very happy and I know my mom was worried because it could have hit either of them so I felt responsible for not getting it looked at sooner, the rain had obviously made the planting heavier which had forced the wooden pergola to break under the weight of it. We left using the gate at the entrance to Block A and my parents had chosen a nice restaurant for dinner – we’d kind of started taking it in turns and I’d written a list of all the places we might want to visit while they are here.

After mom and I got some money out at the ATM it was a short walk back to Yener’s Place which overlooks the river where my mom chose a nice table outside for us to have a drink first, I just had diet coke but they both had a nice cold glass of Efes as we all browsed the extensive menu. Yener’s Place used to be on the main street but now it has moved locations and is nearer to where I’m staying which is handy. As the sun went in the wind picked up, it got a bit colder so we went inside, the walls are made of tents so it was still a bit windy where the door was and it blew bottles over and the table cloth almost off. Luckily we all had a jumper/top to put on and we chatted to Yener and some fellow customers. I didn’t go for a starter because I’d had a big lunch but Dad had garlic bread and mom chose the stuffed mushrooms. For mains Dad and I both had chicken casserole, mom lamb chops and all the meals were lovely.

As it was Friday, that was not the end of our evening, we headed to Lukka Bar for the weekly music bingo night which had proved to be popular and highly entertaining – although I was unsure how fun it would be completely sober. Mehmet and Katrina had reserved us a nice table for 3 inside, so that we were away from the tables with smokers on and I could stop moaning about the amount of cigarettes, for once! Ma & Pa had more Efes beers and I went wild with a mocktail (I know how to enjoy a weekend)! My Dad was not too excited about bingo but it turned out to be a good laugh, the first round was ballads, followed by 50s, 60s and 70s music for the second round. Dad was busy guessing all the songs while mom and I marked them off and he knew nearly all of them. The usual Friday night fun squad were sat at a table outside and we said hello to them, Jamie came over and shared a bit of banter with us too. Despite being completely alcohol free I managed to have a great time and even stayed later than the time to take my tablets. As we were leaving Lukka bar and saying bye to my friends the rain started and it was about to get quite stormy – it was amusing to see those of us who decided to get home before the rain got too bad and the expected few who decided another drink and a chance lock in would do! In bed the rain was so loud on the roof and it lasted for quite some time, I didn’t get much sleep at all.

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