It was day 6 of medication on Sunday 17th October, I was still feeling ropey and I wasn’t in the best of moods that morning. There were some comments that annoyed me on the WhatsApp group for the apartment owners so I said I’d had enough and left. I had my breakfast of bread, cheese, turkey ham and olives with a cherry juice and a plum and tried to relax a bit. Meanwhile, in Phong Nha the rain had been heavy and some of the lower level areas were flooding, Hoi An also had floods.
Sonuç and Leanne had invited me to their daughter’s 3rd birthday in the afternoon and, although I wasn’t in the mood for it because of pergola-gate, I forced myself to go. I put some money in a card, as I didn’t know what present to buy, and went to meet Sarah at Sofra so we could walk there together. Katrina and the kids were passing and gave us a lift to a nice little play area and cafe where all the kids played on the slide, swings or trampolines while the parents chatted. There were some nibbles of crisps, cheese rolls and the most delicious birthday buns, I actually had a fantastic time and was glad to have been invited. It was good to meet with some of the other women who live here and they seemed pleased to be able to let their kids go off with the other kids for a while. For a kids party it was much more relaxing than I envisioned and I had a nice Turkish tea.

On the way back from the party I bumped in to Maddie, Angela, Nick and their friend so I joined them at Rehab bar for a drink (diet coke, obviously). We got chatting and I was nearly late for my parents coming over to mine at 6pm. It was Mom’s turn to decide where to eat, so after a quick drink in Jiks, we headed for dinner at Bistro Clou, where my parents had not been for several years. Captain Caveman and I had been a few times back in 2019 and I really enjoyed it so I was happy with the choice. Dad had a starter which was a Turkish version of a shepherd’s pie, Mom had stuffed mushrooms and I had şakşuka. All were lovely and my parents had a glass of wine while I stuck with boring old soda water. For mains my parents both had steak and I had the meatballs, the food was really good and the fresh bread was excellent too. We were given plenty of lemon cologne before we left and it was definitely a place I’d eat again. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the almost 4 weeks of eating everything that I’m probably allergic to had finally caught up with me, but I had a reaction, it wasn’t terrible but I had to get home to rest up.
When I got home I started watching the 3rd series of You on Netflix and I wasn’t sure after episode 1, if it was going to be as good as the last 2 series.

Photo credit – various from Phong Nha & Hoi An flood photos.

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