I was excited to be getting my 1st Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday 27th October at the Dalyan clinic, just along the river. I arrived 5 minutes early just as the nurse was going off for a sit down with her cup of Turkish tea. The weather forecast had said cloudier today but by the time my appointment of 9.30am was due, it was sunny and a few of us were stood outside. The nurse said to come back at 10am so I said I will wait where I was, then the doctor, who I had seen a couple of times now, said 10 minutes. After 7 minutes we were called in to the waiting area inside the clinic and I had to give my phone number and my residency number to a woman who put it in to her phone and then was going to vaccinate me while standing up in the small queue – I’m a natural fainter so I asked to sit down. My bum had barely got on the seat and I was done and told to leave, they don’t mess about in Dalyan. There is no receipt or card given out, I asked what date I could have the 2nd one and was told to come back in 4 weeks. I walked home and made myself a turkey ham sandwich for brunch. I was extremely happy to have got my 1st Turkish vaccine. By 10.20am my arm ached already, it felt very heavy and I started to get tired before 12. My parents popped round to see how I was and I said I’d take a nap while they went to Jiks for lunch and I had decided to have curry and rice for dinner tonight so would stay in and take it easy because we had plans for tomorrow. I managed to eat my dinner and go to bed early. I was just nodding off to sleep when the nearby Jazz bar started playing very loud music which would go on for some time!

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