Debbie (Darling) had arranged a private boat trip for a few friends, including us, on Thursday 28th October with Captain Turgay. His boat is certainly one of the livelier ones and is renowned for having more of a party atmosphere, than a relaxing scenic day out.
My arm really ached this morning from the jab but I had no other side effects at all and my parents arrived at mine early and excited for the boat trip. We were very lucky to have gorgeous weather and it looked to be a lovely day out with friends.
The attendees were Debbie (Darling), Ann, me, Mom, Dad, Sue, Pamela and Mark, 2 of them had been drinking until the small hours this morning and were either still drunk or hungover. Debbie (Darling) had called for a beer on the way and had one as soon as she got on the boat – she’s hardcore!

We went down the river to the back of the beach where my parents and I got off the boat and went for a short walk to the sea. Dad had a bit of a dip but we didn’t and we saw friends Ray and Phil who were with the Riverbums, clearing litter from the area. I missed joining them this year but my leg still wasn’t good enough to be able to walk far or get on and off the boat for litter collecting, I’d even needed help to get off of Turgay’s boat to go on to the beach. We spotted 2 pairs of children’s shoes and wondered what had happened to the owners, had they forgotten the shoes or was there a more sinister reason for the shoes being left?

I hadn’t bothered with breakfast and my first drink of the day was bang on midday – a glass of white wine and soda back on the boat. Mark and Turgay had a crab which looked like it was smiling, there was a big turtle in the water and I struggled to get a good photo of it but it was swimming really near to the boat and my Mom once she got in, luckily it didn’t try to bite her bum. We had a boozy day, a great lunch and some good tunes to dance to. The buffet lunch consisted of meatballs, chicken, cornbread, broccoli, amazing garlic mushrooms, salads and great chips – it was as delicious as always. Turgay even caught fish with his bare hands but he let them go by throwing them at Debbie (Darling). Pamela was getting a flight back that night (and wasn’t drinking) so when we returned to Dalyan for us to get off there was an option to stay on the boat to go to the lake. We had already agreed to leave to meet friends that night for dinner and my mom was worried that my dad would be too drunk and injure himself so we left all the rest of them heading up to the lake to get right on it.

We decided to stop off for 1 more drink at Tez bar where people were coming out for a pre-dinner drink and it was pretty clear we were already sozzled and would be going nowhere later. We saw Penny and Phil who were with friends and arranged to join them tomorrow for music bingo at Lukka which was now a regular hobby! Having realised we were too drunk to do anything else with the evening we ended up changing our plans and getting a pizza at Pizza 48 instead. The pizzas were great and I took some of mine home so I could have the rest for breakfast tomorrow.

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