On Wednesday 26th January I planned to have a quiet, more sensible day!
In the morning I went over to my parents’ place to measure up the windows and check on things there. It was freezing cold and I could hardly hold the tape measure, so I tried to hurry along. Captain Caveman had gone to Son Doong today and would be there until Saturday. On my way back from Ma & Pa’s I went to the corner shop to order more water, then went home to eat left over roast dinner from last night, my only meal of the day as I was full from yesterday and I had a big portion.
I arranged to call my parents to run through some decorating plans that they were wanting to get done and ended up on the phone for ages. At 10.10pm I was putting my pyjamas on when I got a call from Jamie who was at Lukka bar so I put my jeans back on and went to join. A bottle of wine or 2 later we were back at my place for even more wine and some random music.

I’d completely forgotten that Jamie had stayed at mine last night so when I was woken up on Thursday 27th January with a knock on my bedroom door, Jamie said my first words were “What? No!”
We found that more hilarious than it should have been but we decided it was probably time to put the spare room on Airbnb. For breakfast I had a sausage roll with brown sauce and started doing the washing. In the afternoon Sara from River Terrace popped round with a delivery of delicious Chelsea buns and I had one with a cup of earl grey tea before getting ready to go out (again). We were meeting at Balıkcim to try out the fish and chip night there as Nanny Kay had already been and recommended it. Jamie and I joked that he and I needed to have a fall out so that we could stop going out so much but he was only here until this coming weekend and then he would be back in the UK, so we may as well make the most of it! Ann wasn’t wanting to drink so she and I both had soft drinks with our fish and chips which was very nice. The portion size was good for the 120 lira (£6.54) but I did take the batter off mine as it was quite thick and I didn’t want it to affect my stomach, as I’d been doing well recently. It was a rather pleasant evening with Nanny Kay, Ann, Jamie and 3 more friends so after the meal 4 of us decided to ‘go for one’ at Lukka bar and technically we did just have the one each – one bottle of wine! As I was leaving Alp and some of his Turkish friends came in and were playing pool and cards with Mehmet so I got to watch them do a card trick, which was amazing. We also planned Jamie’s leaving drinks for tomorrow, which was going to turn into one hell of a party!

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