It was surprising to find that I had not put on any weight when I got on the scales on Friday 28th January. I was now back to my pre-Christmas weight, having lost 0.5kg this week. I had one of Sara’s Chelsea buns for breakfast, as I read that the Corona cases in Phong Nha were on the rise and testing was being carried out in the local area. Dalyan still had some hotspots but for now I was in a low risk area. I met Ann at Jiks for a second breakfast and a bit of a chat about our plans for leaving drinks with Jamie later – we were definitely going to miss him! After saying I was going to dress up I realised I didn’t have that many dressy winter clothes here in Dalyan, so I got the options out and sent photos to Ann for her to help me choose. She came to mine before the night out and even lent me a cardigan to go over my poppy dress and thermal footless tights.
At Sofra bar, as well as it being a leaving party for Jamie, it was Şükrü’s 40th birthday party so the place was busy. The dancing started with Şükrü, Natalie and friends getting everyone up for songs like the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and ‘Follow the Leader’ and of course I joined in. By 10pm there was a full dancefloor and a couple of rude aprons were out. The female apron had a body of a woman with a large bosom and sexy lingerie while the male one was naked but holding his fishing rod! I put the woman one on and gave Şükrü the other one to wear, then everyone wanted to swap the pinnies as often as the songs changed and it was hilarious. By this time Ann and I had got a bottle of prosecco on the go, we were sipping it on account of it costing 250 lira (£13.60) but we were mainly dancing. There isn’t actually a specific dance floor in Sofra bar so it was busy and we just danced wherever we liked. My leg was definitely getting better and I had missed dancing so much. By the end of the night I was downstairs doing tequila shots with the girls for our belated birthday celebrations, having a right old laugh!
You know it’s a good night when there is only 2 photos on my phone and I didn’t leave until after midnight!

When I woke up on Saturday 29th January I was pretty hungover but I did still have my phone. I had a vague recollection of agreeing to go to Jazz Bar last night but by the time we were all leaving Sofra it was closed anyway. I ate a Chelsea bun for breakfast and texted the girls from last night to check everyone was ok – we were all as hungover as each other it turned out! I decided I was definitely staying home today and I got a pasta bolognese out of the freezer to have for dinner. I thought I would hear from Captain Caveman as he was due out of Son Doong today but he went straight to Chay Lap for the after party and forgot. After dinner I was sat watching TV and wondering why my legs ached so much when I got a message to ask if I was coming to Sofra tonight. No! There was no way I could go out again so I politely declined the kind offer and had a quiet night in.

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