On Tuesday 1st February I was up early for my breakfast of cornflakes. Rain was due but it didn’t come until much later when I decided to go to the shop. I had chicken chasseur with steamed rice for lunch and a Double Decker chocolate bar but I forgot to get something for dinner out of the freezer. By the time I got home with the shopping I was absolutely soaking wet and decided to make myself some potato wedges to eat with a glass of rosé wine.
I made arrangements to go out on Saturday night with Ann, Nanny Kay and Sarah to a new restaurant in town called YOLO. I stayed up late doing my Turkish homework then watched a bit of TV before bed.

Wednesday 2nd February was another good day in Dalyan; I was awake early and I got some updates from Captain Caveman who was with Andrea on day 2 of celebrating Tet, in Phong Nha, so he sent me some photos of what I was missing. I really was feeling bad that I couldn’t be there with them, eating and drinking copious amounts of mystery produce. In Dalyan the weather forecast was pretty bad and we were told to expect floods and storms in the Muğla province. I had cornflakes for breakfast and went to Turkish class at Lukka bar. The class was great today as we started to learn some fuller sentences, ones I would later find out needed to be used with caution! After class I popped back home for a light lunch of a simit with cheese spread before heading to the hairdresser’s. This was the first time that Mehmet had done my hair instead of Emrah. When he asked me if I preferred my hair to be cut when it was wet or dry I thought I’d try my Turkish out and told him I wanted to take a shower instead of saying I wanted him to wash my hair. Apparently, that could definitely get a girl in trouble and he told me to be careful who I say that to. Usually, after having my hair done I like to go out, while it still looks good. As the weather was so bad, I just went home via the off-licence where I bought 2 bottles of Tılsım red wine at 55 lira (£3) per bottle.
I don’t know who cancelled Wine Wednesday but I had meat and potato pie with mushrooms, carrots and gravy for dinner but completely forgot to open the wine. Both the Dalyan Corona cases and the storm were getting progressively worse and it proved difficult to get to sleep.

The storms had been the worst I had experienced in Dalyan so I’d not had much sleep when I woke up on Thursday 3rd February. The electricity and WiFi were hit and miss for the morning so I just had simit with homemade Baba Ghanoush for breakfast. I was meant to be meeting a friend for lunch but I cancelled due to the weather. Captain Caveman had been walking with Andrea and new caver, Darren, on the third day of Tet in Phong Nha and was having wine and steak with Tony at the Lake House – it felt like ages since I’d been there. I had a hot chocolate with a chocolate spoon for lunch, then Leanne popped round to have a look at the ceiling cracks and collect her IKEA candles. For dinner I had smoked turkey with red cabbage, beetroot, gherkins, bread and cheese and had my 4th day of zero alcohol! I finished off the night by opening the last one of my chocolate oranges from Christmas and ate a quarter of it.

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