On the morning of Wednesday 9th March, after a turkey ham sandwich for breakfast, I went round to my parents’ place to check on it. There was a leak above the neighbour’s fuse box which needed looking at and one in the upstairs bedroom. It was difficult to see why, without climbing out of the window and on to the roof, so I asked Mark if he would help me. He said I shouldn’t get on the roof as it wasn’t really safe but he managed to hang out of the window and get a zoomed in photo of the chimney stack wall which looked to be the issue. The photos and leak information collected, we decided to call to see Debbie (Darling) next door. The door was open so we sat on the couch and waited for her to come downstairs to surprise her. She had some workmen round so, while they sorted out a door, we had a beverage and chatted. Mark left to go to Rehab bar, as Wednesdays is pool afternoon, but I stayed with Deb and had a beer. After a while, we decided to go meet Vanessa and Kate at Rehab bar and I experienced another first in Dalyan. I had a ride on the back of Debbie (Darling)’s quad bike and I was a little bit apprehensive. It was pretty whizzy and she likes to go fast so we were at the bar in no time. Tayfur, the owner, poured us all white wines and some of us had soda with it. I only had a couple and then walked home with Vanessa and Matt. Bar street was still a mess as the road works progressed and we had to watch our step as we navigated our way. Back home, I made veggie egg fried rice for my dinner, ate strawberries for dessert and then watched something on Netflix. I had a video call with my parents to discuss their apartment and the leak, which didn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

I woke up on Thursday 10th March to a message from Leanne, at King Emlak, to say that the workmen were on their way to our place. They were coming to plaster and paint the cracks in the ceilings from when I had leaks during the heavy storms some weeks ago. I quickly showered and tidied up a little, trying to move things before the men started plastering. I had buttered toast for breakfast while noticing on Facebook that Dong Hoi, in Vietnam, had an increase in positive cases and they had started to shut down lots of establishments. At lunchtime I went to Zumba with Vanessa and really enjoyed it, afterwards we went to Jiks and had a bite to eat. I chose the white pizza and she had a tuna sandwich, I couldn’t manage all of my pizza so I took some away. In the afternoon I went to the bank, the stationers and the chemist. I noticed the exchange rate had now gone up to 19.5 lira to the pound.
Back home the workmen were still there, the place was a mess and I couldn’t take a post-zumba shower until pretty late in the day. That night I arranged to join Vanessa at Rehab bar, as Matt was joining the darts night. It was also Matt’s birthday and Vanessa and I inadvertently got put down to play darts. There were just a few others taking their chances on the dartboard; Alison, Paul, Terry, Ausaf and Mark. I was next to useless for the first half of mine and Vanessa’s game, even the cat was worried about getting hit by a stray dart. By some fluke I won our game, then partnered up with Paul for the doubles game, which we won. As it was Matt’s birthday we had the obligatory tequila shots then we played pool. It was a good night and I was pleased to see friends we hadn’t seen in a while. The night ended with me snaffling the remaining pizza when I got home and I hoped for a lazy morning tomorrow.

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