After feeding the cats on Sunday 3rd April I got back in bed, Casha came for her usual snuggles. I was pleased that we were half way through my stay and I had not had to resort to wearing Kate’s dressing gown. It was another hot sunny day but I was going to have to stay indoors today. My stomach, which now resembled a badly cooked roast pork joint, was very painful. I’d had suncream on but it must have sweated off because this was the first time I’d burnt my stomach like this. I just had toast for breakfast and wasn’t feeling hungry. When Kate messaged to ask how the cats were I had to ask if she had anything more industrial for severe sunburn and a search for tea tree cream began.
After all of the cats went out to play I decided to do some washing, then clean and tidy the living area of the house. I was finding that my eczema was flaring up a bit due to the cat hair. For lunch I had a sandwich but I still didn’t feel very hungry.
In the afternoon a Casha imposter almost fooled me in to letting it in to the house but Kylie noticed and saw the cat off. We had a bit of fun on the shaded terrace with a cat toy. Kylie started playing then Squeak joined in, it became a ‘winner stays on’ game while JC took the umpire role. When I left them to it, to start doing the hoovering, they managed to break the toy to get the balls out.
By the end of the day the living room, kitchen and dining area looked spick and span, all the washing was done and most of it dry already. I was tired, my belly was still sore but the tea tree cream had started to help. I had red wine and chocolate for dinner before planning for when my friends arrived in a few days. The weather forecast was looking good and I hoped they would enjoy their first visit to Dalyan.

After tea and toast for breakfast on Monday 4th April I had a walk to the jetty with JC and Kylie. I logged on to my laptop and was ready for a productive day.
The news reported of mass testing in China as conditions got out of hand again with Corona, more here:
I was constantly checking on how the virus status was in Vietnam because I intended to go there in a month or two. The Vietnamese news said there was still no Omicron XE in Vietnam, more here:
Casha, the cat, had been out all night but came home mid morning for a delayed breakfast and to teach the kittens how to drink from the dirty pool. By 3pm, my laptop was away, I was on a sun lounger, but with skin covered, having a cold beer. By 4pm the cats wanted attention and joined me. Kylie was on the top of the sex swing, Squeak was on my sunbed, then JC tried to get on too.

That evening I was invited out with Vanessa, Matt and their neighbour, Tracey, to LeyLey restaurant. They had hired a car for when family visited this week and so a run out was a great idea. It was mine and Tracey’s first visit to LeyLey and it didn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed the bread, stuffed mushrooms and chicken shish with a red wine. The setting is really lovely and we had a walk around the place. I had a lovely time and would definitely go again. I had an early night ready for the rest of what would be a busy week.

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