I woke up too early, at Maddie’s place, on Sunday 1st May and went to the bathroom. When I came to get back in bed, Milo, the dog, had jumped in and was cleaning his nether regions. I dressed and walked through town to Debbie (Darling)’s looking like I was doing the walk of shame!
I fed the cats and headed off for a lovely Turkish breakfast with my new friends at Smyrna hotel and Retro bar. In the afternoon I had the pleasure of Des and Sarah’s company as we sat on the comfy seats at Retro bar with a cold beer, chatting about all sorts of things. Back at Debbie (Darling)’s, after feeding the cats and giving them a tickle, I had a Heinz cuppa soup with toast and got my belongings together. Tonight would be my last night here for this stint of house and cat sitting.

Debbie (Darling) and Roy arrived home at 3am on Monday 2nd May, I got up at 8am and managed to surprise Roy. We both made each other jump in the kitchen as he was getting a drink and I was about to leave. He was in fine fettle to say he’d just had surgery and I gave him a kiss and a hug without him being in too much pain. I spent an hour eating another wonderful breakfast with Nusret, Gonca and Yaşar and we practiced our language skills. Yaşar had asked me about my eczema and then told me that she can highly recommend a stronger cream. I had noticed that instead of dairy affecting my stomach so much, it was making my eczema a lot worse. I took a photo of her Beklazon cream so I could get some from the pharmacy the next time I was passing. In Phong Nha, Captain Caveman was having drinks with Andrea at the Phong Nha Farmstay before she headed back to Saigon. Back home I made myself a pasta before heading back to my new favourite, Retro bar, for the evening. It was the Bayram holiday but Yaşar had made an amazing meal of pasta with oil and a very tasty chicken stew. It was super filling and delicious so I managed to eat a good portion of it. The bar was quiet with it being a Monday but it was nice to see some old faces coming back to see Nazim after not being able to visit for so long. It was lovely to be back home to my own place and having no animals to be responsible for. I had a slice of Kate’s fruit cake with Lurpak butter and went to bed relatively early.

Tuesday 3rd May was a tiring day for me as I hadn’t been able to get to sleep until after 1.30am because of the loud music coming from the Jazz bar. I met Debbie (Darling), Roy, Sue, Maddie, Ann and her 2 friends at Retro bar but I didn’t drink any alcohol today. Debbie (Darling) mentioned she might need my help again soon when they went back to Istanbul for a check up and I agreed. She would let me know the dates because I had also offered to help out Mark and Kate when they went back to England soon.
Back at Captain Caveman’s apartment I noticed that something was finally happening with the swimming pool, the dirty water had been emptied out. There was no Pilates class today because it was the Bayram holiday so I spent the evening at Retro bar chatting to Ann and Maddie. We managed to stay out until 11.30pm, and without me boozing!

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