By 9.30am on Friday 17th June I was making a version of a cooked breakfast at home. I had bacon, baked beans and potatoes and it was good.
I was by the pool when Captain Caveman messaged to say he was out of the cave and on his way back to Phong Nha. I had arranged to go to pizza night and Captain Caveman was keen to join it too. He had the night off and was also off for the next 2 days. Of course, it would be wrong of me to think that when Captain Caveman has time out of the cave that I will automatically be the only person he spends time with. Even his Friday night had errands he had to run too. I donned my motorbike helmet and got on the back of Trigger (the motorbike) for a ride in to Phong Nha with Captain Caveman. Our first stop was at Tree House cafe where he ordered some ground coffee beans. I had my first Saigon beer and Captain Caveman had an iced coconut coffee while we waited for the coffee to be ground. I worked with Hoàng, the owner of Tree House, a few years ago and it was nice to see him and the lovely cafe again.

Next, we carried on to The Villas for pizza night. Captain Caveman and I picked a table next to the bar so we could take advantage of the half price margaritas and the all you can eat pizza night commenced. As Captain Caveman was driving, he had 1 and a half margaritas and I had 2 and a half. The price of the all you can eat pizza was now 180,000vnd (£6.50) which was still good value if you can eat a lot of pizza. Our total night out for both of us came to 660,000vnd (£24). As we were eating, The Villas manager came over to chat to us and was keen to tell me something I didn’t know about. Lan, who is very nice, mentioned that Captain Caveman had shared the penthouse suite with her and Hong (another pretty, young waitress) on a couple of occasions. She didn’t help his case when she told me that, because he had been too drunk to ride his bike home and the hotel had been fully booked, she had let him share with the 2 of them. This had happened on 2 occasions and she seemed surprised that Captain Caveman had forgotten to mention it to me. It’s a good job I knew Lan and Hong well enough to know they are nice girls and were just looking out for Captain Caveman when he was too drunk.
Bien’s stag party was in full swing and Captain Caveman kept getting texts from the lads to see where he was so he went to join while I stayed at The Villas to finish my pizza and cocktail. It was better to get a lift lift back to Elements with Bich, anyway so I didn’t mind missing the stag party.
When I got home, Captain Caveman was just arriving back and we had some drinks before bed. We had decided that Captain Caveman would submit his top 10 songs to Kate’s mammoth playlist she was compiling for future boat trips, I’d already done mine. This then led to us dancing away to lots of tunes which people had already suggested, as well as our own. I was also really pleased that we had nothing to get up early for tomorrow, Captain Caveman’s first full day off with me in Phong Nha since I arrived 1 week ago.

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