It was hard to believe that it had been 2 weeks since my last full day and night in Dalyan, the day of my amazing leaving party. On Thursday 16th June I tried to organise myself a bit better and, although I was still living out of my suitcase, I had got used to it. I should think myself lucky to live as well as I do and I decided to try to finish more of the Mike Tyson autobiography that I was still reading. It was too hot for breakfast so I didn’t bother with anything except for several glasses of water. By 11.30am it was 35°C inside the house and I had to try to cool myself down – it would turn in to a numerous shower and 2 changes of swimwear kind of a day. I had sweated less in a sauna on an expensive spa weekend and was now having to have a flannel for mopping my brow. I was pleased I’d bought new sunglasses in Çalış as I really needed them today. I even did a spot of actual sunbathing with factor 30 and 50 on. I had a cheese sandwich for lunch and by 3.30pm I had to adopt another way of keeping cooler, a beer in the pool.
As the sun was going in I witnessed a fantastic sight; The cow next door had walked home early and wanted to get in for his dinner. The gate was closed so he stood there and moo’d for someone to let him in. The owner was out, as I’d seen him pop off on his motorbike, but the cow didn’t know this and continued to wait, next he stomped his hoof – I took a couple of videos of him as he was so cute.
For dinner I had the rest of my roast dinner from Sunday with some extra steamed rice and it was pretty nice. Tomorrow, Captain Caveman would be out from Son Doong with 2 days off and I was really looking forward to that.

The cow wants to be let in the gate for dinner
The cow gets more impatient at not being let in for dinner

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