When Captain Caveman and I woke up just before 6am on Tuesday 21st June, the electricity was off and it was hot! For some reason I also sneezed a lot, I’m not much of a sneezer but it was easily 20 times consecutively. We had croissants for breakfast, Captain Caveman had extra butter and jam on his, I had mine plain.
After I’d said goodbye to Captain Caveman, who would be back from Son Doong on Friday afternoon, I did a few things from my To Do list. I was definitely behind on my Turkish lessons, despite doing a bit on Duolingo here and there, and it was hard not to be speaking any Turkish for practice.
Captain Caveman had been given the keys for the ‘spare’ room so I went in to check it out. This meant that I could finally unpack after 11 days of living out of my suitcase in my own home! It took me a long time as the temperature in the room was 34.5°C and it didn’t seem to get any cooler with AC or the fan on, once the electric was fully back on. I had leftover curry for lunch and then ate some defrosted mango.
I was looking forward to having a girls afternoon/night with Kat and Tatas but that didn’t quite go to plan. Tatas decided she didn’t want to come and was going to catch up with one of her friends instead. Kat messaged to say she was busy until 9pm but would come over after that. In the evening I finally got the temperature in the bedroom down to 27.3°C and the bathroom 29°C with the AC back on and trying to reach 24°C.
Kat arrived and I was impressed that she had been able to find the place easily enough. She had kindly brought fruit and I was pleased to have my first red dragon fruit since being back in Vietnam. I really enjoyed her company, we drank wine and chatted about all sorts – we had some interesting conversation until about 3.30am! I found out that she knew the chef I had a fall out with in Dalyan, and had lived on the same island as him in Cambodia – it’s a small world! During our chatting we got on to the topic of visas, Kat mentioned that she thought I should recheck with my contacts about their promise to renew my visa. She thought the same as me, that it was impossible to renew a tourist e-Visa in the country and I told her my contacts had all confirmed to me it could be done. I’d even sent photos of my visa, passport and the relevant stamps to double check and I had been told I could submit my passport to process this on the 25th July. Both Kat and I were dubious of this so I messaged my contact, who’d been super helpful thus far, and hoped to get an answer in the morning.

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