I had 2 pieces of leftover Showstopper pizza, from Monday evening, for breakfast on Wednesday 20th July. It is just as good as eating it at the time and I was glad to have another 2 pieces still in the fridge. My visa was still in processing but the equivalent of $25 had left my Turkish bank account. I was hopeful I would hear something soon and I’d confirmed my place on the visa run with Lynn Visa in 1 week’s time.
I had a bit of a swim and did some chores before eating the rest of the pizza for lunch with a can of Coke. By 3pm the rain was quite heavy and everything was getting a thorough soaking. I did quite a bit of Turkish as I was conscious that today was the Turkish class in Dalyan. Vanessa and I were still trying to keep up with them from afar and we had booked in a video call. At 5pm we had a good catch up and realised we were slightly behind with our homework but we definitely were doing ok, considering. We shared our efforts and it was nice to have a catch up too.
I had egg fried veggie rice for dinner and then did more Turkish lessons and homework. I submitted my homework to Sioned and would wait to see if I had got it right.

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