I was very pleased that it was still raining when I woke up on Thursday 21st July. It meant that it was a bit cooler and I could get on with a few tasks I needed to complete before Captain Caveman got back out of the cave tomorrow. He had a week off starting this weekend and we had some exciting adventures planned.
But first on the important To Do List was to check if I had got my e-Visa yet. I’d applied on a Saturday, the bank payment had not gone through until Monday and I’m told immigration only work Tuesday to Friday. They have been so busy with online tourist visa requests that, this month, they had stopped sending any confirmation emails. This wasn’t a problem for me as I had the reference number and could check on the official website. By midday I had been granted another 30 day tourist visa which would start on 27th July to enter at the Laos-Vietnam land border, Lao Bao. It would end on 26th August when I would fly out of Vietnam from Saigon to Istanbul, via Singapore. There was not much room for manoeuvre but I was hopeful all would work out.

It rained heavily all day and by 3pm I was making bacon and Stilton pasta for my lunch. In the afternoon I checked flights from Dong Hoi to Saigon but didn’t book anything. Captain Caveman had said he might be able to swap a tour and come with me for a few days in Saigon before I left. He would leave Vietnam, for the first time since before the pandemic began, on the 30th August.
For dinner I made a nice chicken dish in a BBQ and honey sauce with sweetcorn and steamed rice. I treated myself to a Strongbow apple cider and was settling down for another early night.
My left glute had been playing up again so I did some pilates stretches, just in my pants, before bed. My phone rang before 9pm and I saw that it was Kate (in Dalyan) so I went to answer it, while pulling on a playsuit. It’s a good job I did as it was a video call from outside River Terrace and there were a few people there having a drink with her. One of our friends from the DBL group was over from Rhodes, looking at properties to rent which allowed pets so it was nice to see her, as well as the usual gang. I also got to say hello to everyone, including Penny and Phil who were off back to England very soon. I wished I was out with them having a few drinks but I would be back to see them in just under 6 weeks time, all being well.

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