I remembered to take my measurements first thing on Friday 22nd July and they weren’t too bad;
Bust -2cm,
Waist +2cm,
Hips +1cm,
Right thigh +2cm,
Left thigh +0.5cm,
Right calf +1cm,
Left calf no change.
Both my leg measurements were the same and I now had to try to maintain that.
I had just 5 weeks left until my flight from Saigon to Istanbul and only 5 days until my plan to go in and out of Vietnam for the last time this year. For breakfast I had a buttered crumpet (this could be why I wasn’t getting any smaller) and finished off some Turkish lessons.
I had managed to book Captain Caveman and I seats on the bus from Phong Nha to Danang tomorrow at 7am. Captain Caveman would be pleased when I told him to pick the tickets up on his way home. There were far too many tourists making journeys and it had led to the trains selling out. I hate taking the sleeper buses but we had no choice, we had to be in Danang by Saturday night.
For lunch I had leftover BBQ chicken and rice followed by a pretty large White Russian by the pool – I needed to finish the milk off before our trip. Unfortunately this gave me a bad stomach, I’d already got a headache and was concerned I was getting sick.
When Captain Caveman returned from his cave tour he was again desperately trying to get a haircut and shave before the gala dinner tonight at Chay Lap. When I told him I wasn’t feeling too good he said to cancel the bus tickets, then he changed his mind twice.
It turned in to a bit of a fiasco and Captain Caveman was quite stressed but did end up getting a haircut, paying for my Laos transport then going straight to Chay Lap.
I had a dodgy stomach for the rest of the day and night so I had some crisps which I had been trying not to eat for weeks. I ate a small amount of plain rice and chicken for dinner but didn’t feel too great.
When Captain Caveman came home he still had to pack, repack his stuff for when we got back and sort out his laundry. He seemed a bit stressed and very tired but was pleased to be having a whole week off to come with me on my next visa run (well, kind of)! Captain Caveman had decided he would splash out and had booked a private car with driver to take us to Danang tomorrow and I hoped my stomach would be better.
At 9pm I had a video call with my parents so that I could wish them both luck for my Mom’s hip replacement operation tomorrow. She was in good spirits, this was the second one so she was prepared for what was to come. Dad had been briefed on his duties as chief carer and was also ready.

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