To say Captain Caveman was feeling rough and looking peaky on Saturday 1st October was an under statement. When I showed him the bottle of whisky with only a quarter of the contents left he was surprised! He had to have a cold wet makeshift flannel on his head and lay on the sofa. Even when our Aussie friends, Amanda and Greg, came to say goodbye he didn’t get up, which was embarrassing. They understood because it has been a bit of a tradition of their’s to end up with a casualty on the day they have to go back to Australia from a holiday, but it is normally one of their own party! It didn’t help that the weather forecast for today in Dalyan was extremely hot and sunny. The temperature would reach 38°C so it was probably a good thing we were off out this afternoon.

Today we had booked a bus trip with Kate and Daisy to go to Yuvarlakcay. It is up in the mountains and has an icy cold river with some restaurants along it. The bus cost us around 200 lira each (£10) and it left Dalyan bus station at 1pm. Captain Caveman really was struggling as we got on the bus but he had a bottle of water with him. On the way we stopped off at Toparlar waterfall which we had a short walk to and then we stripped off to our swimmers for a dip in the cool pool at the bottom of the waterfall. The rocks were tricky and if you have any issues walking I wouldn’t recommend this bit. I needed help getting in and out as well as guidance on the rocks. I really struggled on one particular bit but Captain Caveman was there to give me a hand up without me hurting my knee too much. I was glad to be wearing my porter sandals from Vietnam to ensure I didn’t slip.

Back in the hot bus Captain Caveman started to feel more unwell. By the time we reached Yuvarlakcay he had to be the first off the bus, despite being sat on the back seat, so he could be sick. While the rest of us found a shady seat by the water in the restaurant, Captain Caveman sorted himself out. Daisy had also had a late night last night so she had a little sleep while Kate and I drank a cold Efes. Captain Caveman arrived, ordered a beer and agreed to share mezes, bread and chips for lunch with all of us. He then had a nap and Daisy fell asleep too, Kate and I were just glad of the cooler temperature. As we left, we did put a toe in the water but it was too cold for a swim and the swings were busy with children, which we couldn’t really turf out.

On the way back to Dalyan the journey seemed a bit quicker, Kate had arranged to meet Mark after pool and we said I’d see Angelique at Rehab. That changed a bit as Captain Caveman went home to bed and Kate had to feed the cats. I managed a drink at Tez bar with Mark, Kate, Roy and Gay Gaz, though, before going to Migros to pick up crisps, wraps and tomato puree. I went home earlier than everyone else to make Captain Caveman a diet pizza.

Photo credit – Daisy, Kate & Captain Caveman

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