On the morning of Wednesday 30th November, I really enjoyed my cup of Yorkshire tea but, unfortunately, Captain Caveman wasn’t in a good way. He’d slipped up the stairs last night and now his knee was giving him some gyp. I had to take him painkillers, buttered crumpets and water to bed and I decided to have cheese spread on my 1 crumpet. I had promised to be at Charlie’s, before his owners left for the airport, at 12.30pm but it was obvious that Captain Caveman would not be coming with me. I finished off some tasks, packed my bag and said goodbye to Captain Caveman, he was hoping to be able to make it over to Charlie’s later. I had my wellies on for the first time this year as the ground was wet, rain was expected and I was probably going to get muddy walking Charlie, the dog.
After saying goodbye to the owners, I petted Charlie and did a little unpacking. I had been allocated the daughter’s lovely bedroom but there wasn’t any space in the wardrobe. In fact, I had not seen such a full wardrobe in my life! I decided to leave my clothes in my rucksack and get them out as I needed them. Before the rain came again, I walked Charlie round the block but he didn’t seem very keen on going out. He walked fine on his lead but was quite nervous when he saw or heard other dogs. I left him at home while I went to Fat Club and as I left I decided to check the key worked as I had been warned it can be a bit tricky. I couldn’t get back in but I was running late for Fat Club so I went anyway. On the scales, I was disappointed to find last night’s frivolity had taken its toll, I had put on 0.3kg (less than a lb) this week. After Fat Club, Kate, who has the same type of door at her’s, came to help me try the key – it worked. Charlie was pleased to see me but then I left him again while I went to Rehab bar to meet Adele about Turkish class. She too had quit the class when it moved to a morning one and wanted to join the Friday one. We joined the others for a drink at Rehab and Captain Caveman called me to find out where I was. He was feeling better so was coming over to Rehab bar and he joined Mark, Wolfie and Tay to play pool. Back at Charlie’s, he was super excited to see us both and I took some photos to send to the owner for when she landed.
We had a tomato based curry I’d made for dinner with some ready rice, as I hadn’t got my trusty rice cooker with me. Charlie, the 4 year old Turkish puppy dog, was definitely going to be great to look after and would keep us entertained until the end of the year!

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