•You get free pets to look after
•You don’t pay any bills for electric or internet
•You have a new local pub and can meet new people
•There may be better facilities/bigger accommodation
•Some owners leave you food, beer and/or wine
•Some have a cleaner
•Prevents me from going out or drinking as much as usual
•I spend less because I’m not as near to shops or bars
•Quieter environment (no Jazz Bar)!
•Getting more fresh air and exercise

•Living out of a bag or suitcase
•Not having your usual things (e.g. kitchen equipment)
•Being further away from home/town
•Having to be super organised with belongings
•Not having enough fridge/freezer/cupboard/wardrobe space
•Other people’s washing machines don’t always have the same settings (no quick wash)
•When there are no cleaners you have to do it yourself, despite having a cleaner at home
•Lack of lighting and plug sockets in the right places
•Still having to go back and forth between own house for stuff
•You are still paying electric and internet on your existing home
•You are used to your own shower and other people’s are often not as good or easy to use
•Feeling like you can’t properly relax as you’re in someone else’s house
•Having to get taxis home if you go out of an evening so that you’re not walking home in the dark after drinking
•I have less time to spend with family and friends
•Missing my own comfy sofa/bed/pillows
•Having to double up on things you buy which are at the other house (shower gel, washing up liquid, washing powder, drinking water)
•When friends come to stay they are in the original house so more arranging needs to be done for meeting up
•Not having a desk
•Only having 1 set of keys between the 2 of us, when Captain Caveman joins me.
•Having more power cuts and slower WiFi than at home

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