On Thursday 5th January it was cold when I got up to let the dogs out. I made a cup of tea, fed them, then we all went back to bed. The dogs were getting used to each other a little more, which was nice, and I had a feeling they would be best friends by the time Jamie got back home. I had cornflakes for breakfast while Charlie and Edna were sunbathing. I’d even brought a sun lounger near to the back door, popped a towel on it and was able to keep an eye on them from my stool at the breakfast bar. Norman remained inside but Edna got too hot in the sun and had to come inside to cool down after a while. There was a lamp on the breakfast bar which was constantly on so I had to message Jamie to ask how to turn it off, he laughed that I couldn’t figure it out. I took a few photos to send him of the dogs so he knew they were doing fine without him. I did more editing but then got summoned to go over to meet the plumber at Charlie’s apartment because they had come to try to fix the leak which was still going in to Katrina and Mehmet’s bathroom, below. It had been going on for more than a month now and was getting ridiculous as no one seemed to know where the problem was. Charlie had taken himself off for an afternoon nap and I didn’t know how long I would be gone for. I booked Louisa’s taxis from and to the airport, for her trip to see me next week, while I waited for them to finish.
I’d been less than an hour out of my day when I got back to Jamie’s to another ‘situation’. He’d told me he had ordered some bathroom tiles at a bargain price and they had been delivered while I was out. Not only were they placed right in front of the patio doors where the entrance to the villa is, but a lot of them were broken. I took a photo to send to Jamie so he could organise to have them moved and I noticed Edna and Charlie looking out of the doors wondering what was going on. I got in the house but decided not to let the dogs out until the tiles were moved and I could sweep up the sharp bits. I didn’t have to wait long, as 2 ladies from the Agent’s arrived promptly and moved each one by hand in to a more practical spot. By the time I had walked all 3 dogs and was getting back to my laptop, Captain Caveman called me to chat for the first time since he’d got to Phong Nha. Unfortunately, we had just started chatting when a Phong Nha friend turned up and Captain Caveman had to go. It was a good job the call was cut short as Charlie had spotted some cake toppers in the form of Norman and Edna, which he was trying to push on to the floor. I moved them and he tried again so I had to pop them in a cupboard. I finally got some food, quite late in the day, just a jacket potato with cheese and salad. I watched Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice in the evening then had a glass of wine and a piece of Christmas cake, courtesy of Jamie. It was quite chilly so I was glad of the dog snuggles until bedtime at gone midnight.

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