Captain Caveman had gone in to the cave by the time I woke up on Friday 13th January at 8am. I walked and fed the dogs and then waited for Louisa to get up for breakfast. I was a bit woolly headed after last night’s birthday celebrations which I’d really enjoyed. When Louisa emerged, I had started to need to go back to bed and she didn’t fancy any breakfast. Her taxi with Fikri was coming at 12.30pm and she intended to have a KFC at the airport on her way home. We said our goodbyes and made some arrangements that we might be able to see each other again in April. I was hungover so I had an easy day at Jamie’s with the dogs and watched a bit of TV. Unfortunately, Louisa found that the KFC in Dalaman airport wasn’t open so she didn’t get any breakfast or lunch. She’d also left some pistachio chocolate and a packet of ketchup flavoured crisps at Jamie’s, which would have come in handy. I got a mystery meal out of the freezer for dinner which turned out to be a nice chicken and mushroom concoction and I ate it with steamed rice. I was in bed by 8pm, absolutely done in!

I’d been looking after Charlie for over 6 weeks now and he was running out of his biscuits. I messaged Helen on Saturday 14th January to check where I should get more from and how much they were. When I’d googled getting the same 15kg bag that was now almost empty it was over 600 lira (£26.62) which seemed expensive to me as it was more than I spend on my weekly shopping. Helen replied to say she usually got it from Muğla so I decided to see if I could just get a few kilos for the time being. Neither pet shop I checked had the ones Charlie currently had so I didn’t get anything as I needed to check with Helen first.
I needed to get back to the laptop in the afternoon but I spent the rest of my lunch break stocking back up at the supermarket and the weekly market. There was a young girl in a toy car at the market, which looked like a good way to navigate the stalls. Here’s what I bought in the supermarkets and prices in lira:

Bim Supermarket
1 Simit 4.50
M&Ms 9.00
Chocolate chips 15.50
Wraps 21.50
Total spent 50.50 lira (£2.24)

Migros Supermarket
1 carrier bag 0.25
6 Eggs 22.45
Cheese balls 53.25
540g chicken breast 57.73
1kg chicken thighs 81.25
Total spent 214.93 lira (£9.53)

I forgot to write down exactly what I bought and spent in the market but I did get myself some chestnuts and a punnet of strawberries as a treat and I rarely spend over 150 lira (£6.58) there.
When I got home I had a nice message from Vanessa asking when I’d be able to meet up as I’d not seen her since Tuesday and I said I’d try for tomorrow. I made chicken fried rice for dinner and had dog snuggles. All 3 dogs were asleep by 9pm but I stayed awake watching TV. At 11pm I remembered I had chestnuts and had some of those.

I had to do some editing again on Sunday 15th January so the dogs were quite happy to relax with each other after their morning walk. I’d been upstairs for a couple of minutes but when I came back Norman was checking my diary to see if he was featured in this blog that he’d heard mentioned. I found a pizza stone in the cupboard so I made diet pizza for lunch and had some strawberries to snack on. On our afternoon walk Milo, who was still camping out at Manuela apartments, joined us and then another stray dog came along. I had 5 dogs on the walk at one point and got myself a bit of a sweat and a thirst up. So much so that when Charlie, Norman and Edna decided they wanted to pop in to Waterfall to see Skippy, I didn’t object. I was thirsty so I had a beer but I really did need to get back on the diet again. Back at Jamie’s, I had chicken fried rice for dinner and then the cutest thing happened; Charlie and Edna were holding hands (touching paws) while they slept on the sofa.

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