On Monday 30th January I was on my way to Jamie’s villa by 9.30am, for a short spell of dog sitting. On my way out, I almost scratched my face on the thorny rose bushes and I made a mental note to ask Vanessa if I could borrow some loppers to cut them. Norman and Edna were, of course, pleased to see me and we spent the morning watching some house programmes on TV. I had some Slimming World potato wedges for lunch but also cooked some roast potatoes to have with a chicken casserole for dinner. I even made enough for Jamie, without mushrooms in, for when he got back tomorrow.
I was looking forward to trying out the new bed which was super comfy. The dogs didn’t want to sleep downstairs and they insisted they also try out the new bed. With it being so high, I had to pick the dogs up to get them on, and they loved snuggling under the new pink blanket.

Captain Caveman was out of the cave on Tuesday 31st January and we arranged to have a video call later today. Norman and Edna stayed on the bed with me while I drank my cup of tea and we all really loved that new bed. I had no news on the work front which was disappointing and I made a note to update my CV and get actively looking for a new job.
After walking the dogs, I went to the bank and changed US dollars in to Turkish lira. I also decided that Frugal February was an absolute must if I was to be able to afford to pay the bills, go to Vietnam and still have some sort of social life here in Dalyan.
At 11.30am I went to Ela’s Kitchen to meet Vanessa and a friend, who we call 007, after their Turkish class. We all ordered a breakfast for lunch and had a lovely catch up. In the afternoon Vanessa, Kate and I went to singing group and had a good sing along, I even succumbed to having a strawberry bun which was very nice. At 4pm I went to Tez bar for a drink with Vanessa, Matt & Brad, Mark, Kate & Vinnie, Nick & Angela, Andy & Kaye, Sheila and Gay Gaz so it was fairly busy. I had the 1 drink and then went home to speak to Captain Caveman, he was in good spirits and had enjoyed his tour.
Unfortunately, due to finances and Captain Caveman’s schedule, I probably would have to delay me going out there until we were better off. This meant I would have to cope without seeing Captain Caveman for a bit longer but we would hope to plan my visit for when he had the most available days so we could spend the maximum amount of time together. I had another one of those home made wrap pizzas for dinner and then set about trying to write up a budget for February.

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