On Saturday 4th February I’d set my alarm for 8am. All the dogs were meant to be able to sleep in until this time, however, that didn’t happen. I was woken up at 6.20am by Little Ted whining and scratching to get out of his crate. I let all the dogs out on to the back garden for ablutions and Teddy did a wee, he also did 2 more in the kitchen when he came back in. I gave him some cuddles hoping he might go back to sleep but he just wanted attention and to play or be fussed. Norman and Edna went back to bed on my bed upstairs and didn’t resurface for ages, they were still not impressed with their new buddy. I was just glad to see they were no longer hiding behind the cushions in Safety Corner.

We had a couple of walks, Teddy first, and then some more play time. Jamie had left me some vegetable soup which I had for lunch, it was Slimming World friendly and very tasty and filling. In the afternoon I got all 3 dogs outside playing on the back garden and tried to get Norman to teach Little Ted football. I think I had more fun than the dogs but I did make some cute videos for Jamie and Katrina on our group chat.

Video of Teddy asking to be Norman and Edna’s friend
Video of Norman and Edna playing ball
Video of me playing football with the dogs

I’d had a welcome invitation from Debbie (Darling) to meet her for a drink later but I felt like I didn’t really want to leave all 3 dogs at home to go to Sofra bar. Dogs aren’t allowed in Sofra, and it tends to be the usual late afternoon/early evening busy drinking spot on a Saturday. I said I’d be able to make it for a wine or two at Waterfall bar instead, because then I would be able to bring the dogs. Debbie (Darling) said she’d also asked Ann and would see me there – perfect.

On my first visit to Waterfall I took Little Ted, he was enthusiastic but I had to pick him up and hold him while at the bar. Skippy arrived and was most upset that I had shrunk Norman and was quite perturbed that ‘Norman’ didn’t seem to recognise him. Debbie (Darling) kindly got me some kitchen roll when she called at the shop for crisps while Little Ted decided he liked chewing the bar. When Debbie (Darling) said she felt a bit under the weather, we were concerned that it may mean their drinking session would be cut short. After 1 red wine I left the 2 ladies finishing their drinks while I took Little Ted home to exchange him for Norman and Edna.

When I returned, at 5pm, with Jamie’s 2 dogs, Skippy was even more confused that Norman was now back to full size. I was also surprised to see that Debbie (Darling) had phoned a taxi and was off, as she was feeling no better. I didn’t want to leave the dogs, especially with it being my first time with a puppy, so after my 2nd glass of wine I was going ‘home’ to give all the dogs their dinner. As Ann’s Saturday night out had come to an end, I invited her back to Jamie’s with me.

Ann bought white wine and some snacks from the shop next door, then we stopped at the baklava van where we spent 70 lira (£3.07) on a bit of sweet pastry that I really shouldn’t be having on my diet.
Luckily, I had some beef bourguignon left so I got that in a pan then made some Yorkshire puddings to go with it. I’d now gone way over on my weekly syn allowance and would probably regret it on Wednesday at Fat Club but I can’t resist a Yorkshire pud. I had 2 more glasses of wine to join Ann but, alas, she also had to head home to sort out her own dogs.
It was hard work having 3 dogs, a dinner guest and some Yorkshire puddings to attend to but I managed it, just about, and was absolutely shattered. I’d got left over Yorkshires so once they had cooled they went in the freezer for another time. It had been a very unexpected and lovely afternoon spent with friends and doggies.

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