On Thursday 16th February I was looking forward to a day at home with nice healthy food, no meat, no alcohol, perhaps some exercise and no dramas.
I had a slice of wholemeal toast with 1 cheese triangle on, some cherry juice, a satsuma and some quark.
For lunch I had leftover vegan bolognese, some in a pasta bake and some in a stuffed pepper. I was loving this meat free alternative. I had a snack of some of the lovely chocolate that Nanny Kay had given me, then I went for a walk to one of the Estate Agents.
Some friends of mine who are looking to move to Dalyan had seen a property come up for rent and I’d agreed to view it on their behalf. When I arrived at the Estate Agents they weren’t there so I waited outside for them. We drove to Arıkbaşi where the 2 bedroom property was. It was nice and there was a massive garden for the dog so I took lots of photos and a video and thought it would be a good fit. I was chatting back and forth to my friend about the property which unfortunately they got pipped at the post with and we got messaging about general life. I happened to mention that this week I had put my CV out there again due to being without work. How fortuitous that they would be looking for someone to work part time for them shortly and they agreed to send me more info.
I had a veggie wrap pizza for dinner which meant it was my first meatless day for this week. I also refrained from any alcohol today, despite it being wine Wednesday. That evening it was quite chilly so I decided to put 2 duvets inside the one cover on the spare bed and move in to the spare bedroom, where it would be warmer.

Friday 17th February was a lovely relaxing day. I had fresh bread and 16 olives for breakfast with a Yorkshire tea and a cherry juice.
For lunch I made an egg fried rice with 2cm of Turkish sausage, garlic, onion, carrot and sweetcorn. My Turkish class at 2pm had been cancelled so I got on with a few chores at home. For dinner I had mantı, Turkish ravioli, with a spoonful of quark on top.
I finished off the white wine in the fridge from Tuesday and I made some popcorn in my popcorn maker, so that it’s oil or butter free. I added soda water and ice to my glass of wine in an attempt to be a bit healthier. I was doing well on the diet so far this week and wanted to continue to do well, even if it was just making some substitutions rather than limiting myself completely. I also decided to sign up for a free master class on decluttering with my friend, Heather, at the end of the month and put myself down for the daily challenges which would start next week. Even though I do live a minimal clutter kind of life, I still find it’s a good idea to keep on top of these things – plus Heather is just so good at what she does that I wanted to be a part of it to show support and see what I could gain from it.

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