On Saturday 18th February Jamie picked me up at 10am and we went to the Saturday market together in his car. I was glad of this as I had quite a list of things I wanted to get and knew my bag would be heavy.
We were both on a tight schedule today as I had arranged to get the bus to Fethiye and didn’t know what time I’d be back.
At the market I bought lots of fruit and vegetables which came to a total of 253.50 lira (£11.18). This was the most I’d spent at the market in one go, in quite a while but was also good that I was planning meals and buying more healthy fresh produce. We bumped in to Greg, a well known Dalyan resident, and he took our photo for his Facebook update. I took his photo for my blog and we had a little chat. Then Jamie dropped me back home with my heavy bags and popped in for a cup of tea.
When Jamie left I chopped my strawberries and pineapple ready for later. I had already had 2 cups of Yorkshire tea so my breakfast was 1 banana and some strawberries. I’d not suffered with a bad stomach for some months now, mainly after cutting down on eating out. For some reason I don’t think my body liked the banana and I was quite poorly after eating it. I had a cheese sandwich at lunch time but still wasn’t feeling too well and wasn’t looking forward to travelling by bus this afternoon.

After a swift trip out of Dalyan for a couple of hours I was back in time to meet Ann and Jamie at Sofra bar at 5.30pm. Sofra bar is the place to watch sport on a weekend so is a popular bar for most people in Dalyan. Jamie and I had already decided we weren’t drinking alcohol today and weren’t staying out because we each had our dinner planned (there is only so many waters you can drink in a bar). It made a nice change to frequent a pub I’m usually in more of a tangle at. Around 8.30pm Jamie left, then me in the opposite direction having briefly seen and chatted to Cath, Keith, Mark, Kate, Sarah, Rach and Nuri, some of who were ordering food or staying for more drinks. For dinner I made from scratch a sweet and sour chicken, using an adaptation of a Slimming World recipe and it was one of the best I’ve had. It was also a fraction of the cost of going for a Chinese meal. The only downside was that I didn’t make more of it!

Photo credit – Greg Frank

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