The lira was 24.22 to the pound on Thursday 13th April, the highest I’ve known it so far! In 1 month there would be the elections in Turkey and the predictions said that the rate could continue to increase, which was not good for the Turkish population. I had tea and buttered toast for breakfast while arranging boat trips for next month. It was sunny today and the predicted storms had disappeared. I had beef stew with extra vegetables for lunch and had a call with Vanessa. We’d not spoken for a while so it was nice to catch up. I had fish fingers and Slimming World chips for dinner, which I absolutely loved. There was also an invite to everyone in Dalyan to the celebration of Dutch King’s day, with the Dutch community in Dalyan, which I popped it in my diary.
I stayed in and started watching a series on Netflix, called Obsession. If you don’t mind a bit of Percy Filth and weirdness, it’s quite good. I also agreed to join Jamie and his goddaughter for Lukka music bingo tomorrow night.

I had something a bit different for breakfast on Friday 14th April; some of the beef stew without the sauce which I stir fried with bulgur wheat and more broccoli. It was very tasty and filling which was good as I was off out drinking later. I didn’t bother with lunch and went to Turkish class at 2pm. After Turkish, I messaged my boss and Captain Caveman as we were getting prepared to book my flights from Athens to Saigon with Scoot, as they had a sale on and were working out rather cheap. Later I walked to Rehab bar to pick up the 6 bottles of wine I’d ordered from Tay. At 146 lira (£6) per bottle, for very nice wine, it was worth it and I also paid my bar bill of 480 lira (£20) from the other night.
I called the bank again but got nowhere and they said they were going to call me back but they didn’t.

I met Jamie and his goddaughter, Alicia, at Lukka bar at 7pm, having already decided I would try to eat the healthiest thing on the menu but with wine. Jamie ordered a bottle of white wine, I ordered a bottle of red wine which was now 345 lira (£14) and Alicia commented that it was still cheaper than you’d pay in most bars back in England. Katrina joined us for Lukka music bingo which is always a good laugh with great music. Alicia had the Yum Yum chicken, Katrina had the satay chicken, Jamie had the risotto cheesy balls and I went for a spaghetti bolognese with cheesy garlic bread. I thought the garlic bread was a bit overpriced for what it was at 85 lira (£3.51) as it was just sliced Turkish bread with melted cheese and a bit of garlic on. The spaghetti bolognese at 240 lira (£9.91) was good and came with 2 bread sticks, a random bit of lettuce and parmesan cheese – beef is expensive here now. Katrina said they didn’t make it with oil or butter which is nice. After Lukka bar, we decided to go on to Sofra bar for another cheeky beverage, as you do! While we were there some friends and relatives of Pamela’s came in and rocked the karaoke! It was another late and fun night and I managed to not fall in to the building materials in the middle of the road, on the way home.

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