I had wholemeal toast and Yorkshire tea for breakfast on Sunday 16th April and was getting excited for the afternoon’s plans. By 9.12am I had an apology text from Cath, it turned out she had gone home in someone else’s jacket, which I’d helped her in to, and left her’s in Sofra which explained the missing keys. Cath was very grateful that I had kept turning down her offer to buy everyone shots, though, in an effort to stop them blowing their whole budget on booze. Still, it had been a good night from my point of view and I was glad not to have ended up in a tangle myself.
Drew had arrived at the airport at 2pm and Jamie went to collect him, excited for him being here for a few weeks. I met Jamie, Drew, Alicia, Nanny Kay and Ann at Lukka bar for Sunday lunch at 5pm and ordered a fresh orange juice. Drew, Alicia and I had chosen the beef, Nanny Kay ordered lamb, Jamie chicken and Ann had ordered a salad. The Lukka bar beef Sunday dinner was now 325 lira (£13.42) which is not cheap but it’s a lovely treat, comes with a pud and makes 2 meals for me, easily. The lamb and chicken options are cheaper and it’s not that often I have a Sunday dinner with a good excuse to see friends. I had brought my Tupperware as I knew I would only eat half and I was glad I had my gravy on the side as I prefer it thicker. The cauliflower cheese came without cheese so we let Katrina know we preferred it with the sauce. As always the impressive Yorkshire puddings stole the show and were massive. I really enjoyed my food, Nanny Kay said she preferred the lamb to the beef. The boys emptied their plates which was a tall order and they must’ve been very hungry.
We had a bit of a break before the apple crumble with ice-cream and I even took most of my crumble home. Jamie and Drew wanted to go on for drinks at Sofra and I was hesitant after last night’s fiasco. Ann was also only going for 1 drink too so I agreed and was sensible.
I stuck to my 1 drink of red wine, despite being boring for a change and went home for an early night before work tomorrow.

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