Monday 17th April was the start of my 4th week of working and I was getting in to a bit of a routine with it now. I was able to be flexible with when I worked but I was quite liking doing 2 full days and getting it done early in the week. I suspected when I went to Vietnam I might have to do 4 half days instead but we would see how it worked out. I had a cup of Yorkshire tea and an apple for breakfast, then a second cup of tea before lunch time. I warmed up the leftover chicken dish from Saturday for my lunch which I had with steamed rice. After work, I surpassed myself by making a Slimming World Hunter’s Chicken which my sister had recommended. I had it with half of a jacket potato and I even got a half hour walk in beforehand to get some exercise. I called at the Şarküteri to buy some English items which can be on the pricey side because of them being imported. Here’s what I bought and the prices in lira;

1 tin of baked beans 40.00
2 boxes of Jacob’s cream crackers 80.00
2 Chinese sauces 100.00
Total spent 220.00 lira (£9.08).

I had the remaining apple crumble from Lukka Sunday lunch, for dessert with quark on. I put my leftover Sunday dinner in the freezer for another time.
I had 2 days left until weigh-in so I only used a few syns today and refrained from any alcohol for only the 2nd day this week. I would be lucky if I lost any weight this week but I was still trying to put in damage limitations by drinking cucumber infused water, which I don’t actually like!
I sat down to watch Netflix and catch up on messages, the pool lights and filter were not working so we had to buy new ones. I suspected the pool would not be ready any time soon. The Aussies were getting a bit frustrated though, as they had guests arriving for the holiday weekend on Friday and the weather was starting to warm up.

I had a banana and 2 cups of Yorkshire tea for breakfast on Tuesday 18th April before starting work at 9am.
I decided to make broccoli and potato soup in the slow cooker while I got on with my day’s work and I warmed up some leftover Hunter’s Chicken for lunch. I really enjoyed it and would definitely have it again.
After work I went to check on my homemade slow cooker soup to find it was terrible and I had to admit defeat and bin it. Instead I had a turkey salad wrap and a cuppa soup, loads of cucumber infused water and a couple of toffees.
I got a message from Sue asking if I would be able to help her set up a Facebook event for her forthcoming 70th birthday. She had decided that she would be combining her birthday with Adam (married to Kath) who was 60 and they planned on celebrating with a boat trip. I set up the invite which was for the 17th May, let her know I wouldn’t be there and showed her how to invite people, once I’d set her and Adam up as co-hosts. She then proceeded to invite everyone she knew in Dalyan and it looked to be a good day with 4 boats going.

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