It was weigh-in and Fat Club day again on Wednesday 26th April and I was a little worried. Even though I’d done 3 speed days, 5 no alcohol days, 5 days with exercise and 1 meat free day, I had consumed 219 syns. The weekly allowance is 105 and I’d noticed the pattern showed I didn’t lose anything once above 210 syns. I took my measurements to find I’d put 3cm on my bust but lost 2cm from my waist and 1cm from my hips. I took my leg measurements for the first time in a while to find that the thighs still had a difference of 0.5cm but the calves were different by 1cm, still. It was also 3 years now since my ligament injury and my measurements were not back to normal yet. For breakfast I tried something a bit different; strawberries with black pepper and balsamic vinegar and a blob of quark – it was really good too. I had a cup of Yorkshire tea with skimmed milk as usual and then planned for a healthy lunch. I even peeled some carrots and put them in a jar for snacking on. I had beans on wholemeal toast for lunch and then went to find out my weight on Carol’s scales at Fat Club. Carol had brought the dress she promised, plus another one, and I was nervous to see if I would get them. It was only if I had lost weight, that I’d get to see if I could get in to the size 12 dress! (I’m usually a 16).
Miraculously, I had lost! It was only 0.4kg but that was all I needed and I was promptly trying on the dresses. They both fitted me fine and I was so happy, I think Carol was chuffed too as she had really wanted to give me the dresses. I was so pleased and even decided that I would not be going to Rehab bar after class, to avoid temptation and going mad on Weigh day! Instead, I popped to the shops and got some essentials;

Migros Supermarket
Plastic bag 0.25
Chickpeas 16.90
White beans 16.90
6 eggs 25.95
Walnuts 32.50
Olive oil soap 78.90
Bin bags 79.90
Total spent 251.30 lira (£10.38)

Back home I made chickpea biscuits and sweet potato cottage pie for dinner, which was fantastic. I retried on Carol’s dresses and even found my high shoes out. I then still allowed myself a weigh day treat without going daft. I had a piece of Easter egg while watching Netflix before bed. For a change I’d only had 12 syns on a Wednesday and refrained from alcohol. This was mainly because I knew I wouldn’t tomorrow, due to there being a big celebration in town.

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