I decided that I was going to really try my hardest to be super healthy on Monday 24th April, in an effort to curb the damage on the weight loss. Carol, at Fat Club, had promised me a dress of her’s that was too big for her now, if I lost weight this week but I feared I may have already ruined my chances. I chose to do another Slimming World speed day and would attempt one more tomorrow. I was working all day and had planned my meals, I even got out a chicken stew from the freezer for dinner.
My breakfast was a cup of Yorkshire tea and a fruit salad. I sipped cucumber water all day while working and had a quick beef bacon wrap with salad, gherkins and quark for lunch.
When I finished work, I went to put my chicken stew with extra veg in the oven, only to realise it wasn’t chicken stew. It was more like a fajitas or a curry but I had it with carrots and broccoli, regardless.
While waiting for it to cook I decided I was going to start the Plank Challenge and got on with doing my first 10 seconds, which was easy. Dinner was ok, but it wasn’t the chicken stew I was expecting and it took ages for me to eat so much veg.
Before bed I planned my meals for tomorrow as I would be working all day again.

I woke up early and hungry on Tuesday 25th April so I decided that baked beans on wholemeal toast (with a little bit of Becel spread) would be a good breakfast. I popped pumpkin, onion and leeks in the slow cooker to make a soup for dinner.
I cracked on with work and had another wrap, the same as yesterday, at lunch time.
I finished work and decided to make some chickpea biscuits to go with my pumpkin soup.
I noticed that there were workmen in the pool who were replacing/fixing the lights. Rain had been forecast for tomorrow so it was good timing. I had been really healthy again, I did the 20 second plank without too much bother and I had to have a snack of chickpea biscuits with cheese balls, gherkins and a bit of plum chutney (using syns). I hoped I’d done enough to influence the scales at Fat Club tomorrow but I was not confident. I also promised myself that, with less than 2 weeks left in Dalyan, I would not be going to Rehab bar after Fat Club. I even considered going on a boat trip instead of joining the Dutch King’s Day celebration on Thursday, just so that I wasn’t tempted to drink too much. I was now getting sick of cucumber water and was drinking hot water with cinnamon in and, when I got peckish, I snacked on carrot sticks, gherkins or radishes.

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